Cries Out Loud.

This is something I wrote a really long time ago. It’s probably the best poem I have ever written.

I remember I wrote this in the emergency room. I don’t remember why I was in the emergency room exactly. But I remember the nurse looking at me strange because I was scribbling in a notebook frantically.Writers get inspired in stranger places than a hospital.

Cries Out Loud:

I’m sitting here waiting

For my name to be called

Screams fill the room

And my heart is still beating

What am I going to do?

Without her in my life

Nothing will be the same

Just darkness

My name is called

And I rise from my seat

Walk towards a women

With worried eyes

I couldn’t look at her

And I break down and cry

This couldn’t be happening

This isn’t real

I’m sorry she whispers

As I fall to the ground

My baby, my girl



Lemme know what you think :)

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