My Views on Kissing…. and other things.

At this very moment I am having a discussion with my friend John about kissing.

I never understood why “kissing” is … well I don’t know, a mechanism for getting into a girls pants?You get the girl so excited that she gets into this “moment” that she will gladly take off her pants for you.As a girl myself, I have been i these exact situations. When your hooking up with a guy, for those couple minuets when you are in their arms, it  makes you realize your pretty enough that a guy would go out of his way to make you happy. Or, it makes you realize you need to be less easy  and you need to “reevaluate your decision making” (Andrew O’Hare).

Some guys I have talk to… like my friend Tyler, says things a little different.He believes that kissing is just kissing… he could kiss a million girls and it doesn’t faze him. I don’t know if I am calling him a “man whore” on the internet or if he actually has a point. My friend Andrew, (the one I quoted above) says the opposite.He states that “hooking up is a big deal, but the act has gravity.”

My opinion the importance of “hooking up” varies. If I really think the person is attractive,ofcourse I would like hook up with with them… and hooking up I mean as in “making out” (for the people who think that “hooking up” is having sex, its not. Welcome to to 21st century). But if I am drunk and at a bar and thought the guy was hott, I wouldn’t just walk up to him and stick my tongue down his throat,thats just distasteful.

But when you are hooking up with someone you REALLY like and or love,its a completely different kind of hooking up. It feels more real, more safe, When I hook up with someone I love, I tend to close my eyes. I don’t know if anyone else does that. I don’t need to look around and look at whose staring at me,or if someone is staring at me. When I am kissing someone I love,I am proud those lips are on mine. Kissing doesn’t go into having sex all the time. For many girls it does,but for me I would much rather kiss someone then take off my clothes for them.

Sex to me is a very touchy subject ( like the sex pun?). Some may call me a hypocrite for the things I am about to say, but as I grow up I realize I change my mind on subjects constantly,I’m not very firm on things (haha another one).

When it comes to sex, you NEED to be in love with them or else its not going to  be satisfying. Having sex because you can is bullshit. When you can be comfortably naked around someone, to me is a HUGE step. Once you have sex with someone its likes you showing them another side of you that not many people (are supposed to ) see.

Sex isn’t all about “getting the job done”. Majority of the men I know think this way. When they see a chick they think is hott, they automatically picture her naked… Being naked to me, is a security issue. If I can take off my clothes in front of someone, I believe they can look past my flaws and see the me I want to be. A curvy woman who loves her body. When you can take off your clothes in front of someone it means that you may not feel good about your image, but you know in your heart, that person who your exposing yourself too won’t judge you, no matter how ugly you think you are.

Today I looked at my friends in a new perspective. All of them. I realized that we all have flaws. We all have our quirks about us. Some of us ( like myself) aren’t as smart as others. Some of us don’t give a shit about religion, comic books,the Odyssey, or the movie “Bridesmaids”. Some of us need to think about our lives. Some of us need to stop thinking sex, and hooking up is something that NEEDS to happen because everyone is doing it.And lastly, some of us need to grow the fuck up.

Thank you to all the guys who helped me write this piece…. it showed me who is an asshole and who isn’t.

Night All.



2 thoughts on “My Views on Kissing…. and other things.

  1. Lisa P. says:

    And posts like this is why I tell you that you are pushing away your friends, because you are so judging of everyone else, and then seem to think you are better than all of us. You say that we need to grow up, well honey, you first.

    • sarahviveca says:

      I am not pushing my friends away, People just move on with their lives Lisa.I am not better than all of you.. I’m just alot different than I was from High School. And Also I don’t freak out if things don’t go my way. You clearly don’t know me anymore.

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