A Snapshot in Time: Red Bank

The Town of Red Bank New Jersey holds many memories for me. Memories that I will never forget. This piece was something I wrote for school but I never handed it in. In this piece, I will be taking you on a journey through the town of Red Bank. I’m hoping to make “Snapshot in Time” a series. Writing about Places that have changed my life.  Let me know if you guys think its a good idea. Enjoy :)

Riverside park, it all started there. A crowd of people around us as we all looked at the same thing. The warm grass peeked between my tan little feet as a slight warm summer breeze went through my thick curly brown hair. Big booms were coming from the sky as mixtures of red, whites, and blues were radiant in the dark starless sky. A warm arm was laced over my bare shoulders as I leaned into him. I felt wanted, secure, content in my own skin. It was a perfect, innocent moment for such an involved holiday.  The commotion of the people seemed to of drifted away for that very moment, the booms of the fireworks echoed throughout the small town that held so many memories and secrets. The sweet sound of an acoustic guitar played softly in the distance as we all watched the start of summer beginning to unfold and an end to a rough winter finally come to a close.

Spring Street, the street where love and lust melded into one.  Rain pelted the windshield so gently that it looked like teardrops falling from the ominous sky. There was nothing sad about the nights on Spring Street. The love that was bleeding out of my heart flooded the street was something that was beautiful to the eyes. The cracks imprinted my feet as I walked barefoot back to the apartment which was my temporary home.  The church bells echo the silent street late at night, making Spring Street seen more mysterious then it actually is. Before a short while ago, I never knew Spring Street ever existed, but now it’s the only place I think about. It’s a sanctuary, a secret. The little cottages with the small wrap around porches welcome me as the excitement engulfs my being as I anticipate to see him; to finally arrive at my safe place.

Broadway Grill, the smell of grease will be permentally caked on those walls until the end of time. The ripped up pink booths and chipped plastic cups will never change. I blindly walked into the diner for the first time to meet a complete stranger.  The first and the last blind date I will ever go on. The date dragged on by his flamboyant personality and his feminine like traits that clearly made me realize that I was certainly not interested.. Fights and disagreements have been discussed around the stained tables as freezing rain fell around us on. Friendships have ended and new ones have blossomed as we shared waffle friends and ceaser salad that was the best in town. The small tin diner that wouldn’t look it would fit in such a neat artsy town, fits perfectly like a glove.

Personally I’ve never been inside the Galleria, but I have heard it was nice. It is a beautiful building especially when people walk out of it and can hear you singing in your car, really loud. Singing really loud to powerful songs can always make rough days better. It gets even better when you unexpectantly start forming an audience and people start singing along, especially when it’s country music. Famous was the only word I immediately thought of. A smile formed on my face when song was coming to an end, I guess that day wasn’t too rough.

Broad Street; the keeper of most of memories. The quiet moments, the deep thoughts. From Ricky’s and eating ice cream with a group of friends where the sugar content we consumed was unimaginable to running to the starbucks as the rain drenched our clothes to the bones and we had no others. Where I found my friend hooking up with some guy behind the quickchek and how awkward and funny I made it for them. Red Bank has been the keeper of secrets, memories, heartbreaks, and hardships. I enjoy coming to this town, it has treated me well. I wish I actually lived in town and I hope one day I will.


Lemme know what you think :)

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