Women By Charles Bukowski.

I was reading this book titled  Women by Charles Bukowski today while sitting in the Applebees parking lot. I don’t usually read in parking lots (I’m not that weird) but I was waiting for my friend to get his tip share and it was taking FOREVER so why not?

When I read the first page I instantly got pulled into the book. I read quicker  then I usually do so I could read alot before he came back. As I continued to read, I became automatically attached to the main character of the book Henry. Like me, He was also a writer. He used to  stay up half the night every night to write. He was writing a novel. It took 21 nights to finish it. His goal was to write 10 pages a night. He would never know how many pages he wrote till the next morning. He would fall asleep at his computer everynight. As alcoholism began to take over him, he continued to write.

When reading this book, I began to understand why my friend was reading this. When it comes to women, the main character and my friend are the same person. They are both very straightforward. When they want to have sex with you, they will flat out tell you. With them, they weren’t going to run around it. I wish more people were like this. I hate playing the game. I hate the signs. If you want me to know something, then tell me. Flirting is like this. I hate flirting. The art of Flirting is stupid.

I wrote a poem about Flirting. It Explains why I hate it.


I don’t understand the art of flirting
Trying to entice the other to talk
Making them smile at every witty comment you make
Just so you can sleep with them. 
Is that how it is? 
Or am I just living  in this awkward world
Where words and tones turn people on
And make them sound intriguing. 
Flirting is something I will never understand
But in this strange world we live in
Its normal

The book Women is a book I NEED to buy and continue to read. I feel like I have left Henry in the back of his car. I want to hear about his life. I hope my books someday do this to people. The way the text is written is so straightforward its unbelievable,and there are no hidden meanings between the lines. I love that about this book. I feel like book is going to change me in some sort of way. It’s going to help me understand men more.

He has also written Ham on Rye and Post Office, which I have been also recommend to read. I kinda can’t wait to read Charles Bukowski’s books. His way of writing is something I have never seen before. It’s exciting to find a great author when you are a writer. I wish I could meet this man, but he unfortunatly died a year after I was born. I would tell him that his books have done something that no other book as ever done to me.It educated me just from the first page.

I can’t wait to read.

Sarah xo


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