The Trouble with Friends.

Today I was talking to my friend Andrew about friends. Andrew is a very complex guy. When he talks, everything has more than one meaning. Sometimes its irritating but sometimes I just want to figure out what he’s saying, when I have time to think. Andrew and I have deep conversations, he’s a good resource for my blogs because he has an opinion on everything. Andrew was the first friend I made in Creative Writing Club. I sat next to this kid Evan who was new to the club one day because I thought he was cute. Meanwhile, Andrew was sitting in the seat in front of him. I started talking to him and this kid Damian who sat behind me. At the time I thought Damian was cute too, but that’s a long story that I will tell at a different time. But Andrew was really funny. He seemed like a real guy. He wasn’t stuck up or yuppie writer like.He was loud obnoxious and witty. The other obnoxious one was my friend Sam. He was one I needed getting used to, but he is harmless and really nice.

When I met Andrew and Sam they accepted me, unlike some of the other kids I met in school. It wasn’t like I didn’t know anyone in Brookdale,I just rather not see people I saw everyday in High School. College is a fresh slate. You don’t want to just be friends with people from your High School. That won’t help you grow.

There is also a Con to meeting new people. It’s  that they don’t know the real you. They don’t know how you think, and what you look like a 7 am and half asleep like the kids you went to High School with do. The majority of the kids you went to high school with most likely have known you for 10 + years. These new people either only see you in class, or in clubs. I had an idea of what the people in my high school thought of me. They thought I was the quiet girl in the back of the classroom who read books constantly.The girl who scribbled in her journal and always would just walk out in the middle of the class (I had the tendency to get bored.)No one really talked to me and I was perfectly fine with it. I had friends and they actually liked me.

The one t shitty thing about High School was that by the end of the year,everyone was close with each other. I didn’t like it really. If you didn’t talk to me the whole 4 years we went to school, don’t write in my yearbook saying that you will miss me. I don’t even know you.Everyone became really fake. Hugging each other good bye, and waving to eachother in the hallways. It made nausus.I guess the thing was that, if you were probably never going to see them again might as well leave a good impression.

When I went to college, I was reluctant to make friends. I had a boyfriend, a best friend, a friend who I’ve known since forever and other just acquaintances.  I thought I was all set. But the problem was that I  didn’t have anyone in my classes that I knew. It was difficult in the beginning but I made some friends. I wasn’t in dire need of friends, it just helped me.

I always had trouble making friends and keeping them in my life. I was just talking to my mom about this and she said” they don’t realize how giving you are. When you meet someone, you are overly nice to them, many people are not used to that.” I kinda agree. But also, I don’t want to be a bitch to them and give a bad impression. I will never win.



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