My Thoughts on Math Class.

I was sitting in math class not paying attention like usual, and I wrote wrote this…  enjoy my form entertainment.

As I sit in my math class on this gloomy afternoon,I look at my teacher and wonder what made him want to become a teacher. Why would he want to waste his time teaching students like me who honestly don’t give a shit about math at all. When did he realize he love math?When I walked into his class for the first time, I sat in back of the class and actually paid attention. Now…. not so much. But once I started talking to him, I realized he was just as passionate about math as I was about writing. He ate, slept and lived numbers. I give him credit. Math will help you much more in life then writing will. I never thought one could be so passionate about solving problems and the numbers 0-10, but I guess I was wrong.

When you right brained you apparently are more artsy. People who are left brained however, are more logical and like math. I have always hated math, I guess that means I am right brained.It’s funny meeting people who hate english just as much I hate math. I look at them weird because how could someone hate writing. When you write, its like you are telling a story and when you write and   when you are reading,You are getting into someone elses brain. I think thats pretty awesome. When people read your work, its like you have friends you don’t know. I guess why some people who don’t have many friends ( like myself) write.

Reading literature is amazing to me. When I read a poem, a book, or a short story, I feel like I am living an event with a stranger. I am observing an event I wasn’t physically present to see. I feel like I am vicariously living through the characters. It changes how you think, it changes how you feel. Sometimes when I read a book I really like, I grow an attachment to the characters. I feel in some ways I know them personally.

Mr. Borek was a High School teacher before he became a professor. Before I left class today, I asked him why he doesn’t work in the  high school anymore. He told me because ” the college didn’t give me as many restrictions.I could teach the way I want to teach without hearing bullshit.” When teachers are passionate about their subject, like writers, they deliver better products.When a teacher is passionate, it makes the class enjoyable. It’s relateable. As much as I enjoy the way Mr. Borek teaches algebra, I have no interest in learning math. No matter how fun he tries to make it.

I wonder if he looks at us like idiots because he we are remedial math. I wonder if he pities because he knows we are only in his class because we HAVE to be there to graduate. At times, I pay attention only because I feel bad for him. This other girl Alyssa and I sit in the back of the classroom and either draw or write or look at the hott guy we sit by ( he’s a tad distracting). I know he  is helping us get through the class in the easiest way he possibly could and I am very appreciative of it. I feel bad because I can see the passion in his eyes and some of us don’t see it. We are either just lazy or couldn’t give two shits about the linear equation of a straight line.

He has is proof of why I will never become a teacher. When you teaching something that you love and no one cares, its defeating. I think I am going to pay attention in math now. I would never want to look at my students that I am trying so hard to get to understand the work, not paying any attention to me. I just think its rude.

Mr. Borek, I am sorry. :(



Lemme know what you think :)

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