A Difficult Novel

You are extremely hard to read.

Your not a picture book

Like I am used to

You are an encyclopedia of secrets

As they live in each page of your heart

With each chapter password protected

There is no way I will ever know

Until you tell me first

So I can experience you

Just like you’ve experienced me

The turmoils

The random thoughts

The heartaches

As you listened to my work

Be a reflection of my heart

You got to know me

From cover to cover.

I wrote this a few weeks ago, I would write more but I am so beat. 

Tailgating + Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan Concert = a wonderful Saturday Night <3 


One thought on “A Difficult Novel

  1. I like how you not only compare the other person to a novel, but yourself, too. It’s an interesting way to look at life — a collection of chapters, some as welcoming and bright as Dr. Seuss and others less accessible and more difficult to understand (like James Joyce), but can be oh so rewarding to get to know.

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