What is Love Really?

Tonight I was watching a marathon of the show Four Weddings,which is about 4 brides who go to each others wedding and vote which wedding is the best based on venue,dress,food, and overall experience. As I continued to watch it, it reminded me of what I thought of what love is really all about . I wrote this a month ago, but it explains what is love to me. I hope you fee the same. 

As I look at people holding hands I wonder what they are feeling. How two people can openly be public about how they feel about each other and not really care what people really think. When I had a boyfriend, I never was like that. I always wanted to be reserved. To me, it felt like I was showing the world something that was really none of their business to see. I guess when I see people holding hands walking around campus; I am supposed to feel happy for them. I strangely don’t. Actually, I find it really pathetic. Maybe I’m just jealous.I wouldn’t be flaunting my relationship to complete strangers.

I saw these two men holding hands at this seminar I was attending, I wouldn’t usually think anything of it but something about those two men caught my eye. The love they had for one another was radiating off them. It was something I had never seen in my life. With only looking at them from the corner of my eye, I proceeded to watch them kiss each other on the cheek. I thought that was pushing it a little over the edge. It wasn’t like I was watching it for entertainment, I was watching because there something beautiful about the whole moment.

I believe people love things they will never be able to have. I know do. I’m in with love an older guy.  I think it’s even harder for someone to long for a love they will never get in return, then to never have one at all. I know it breaks my heart knowing he can be with another woman, and never with me. When I fell in love with him, it wasn’t because he did something to make it happen. It was that he cared about me. Love is all about giving a shit about people. In the world we live in now, that doesn’t usually happen.

Some people believe that love means material objects. Some women think that the amount of karats on their fingers determines the amount of love their significant other has for them. This statement is absolutely false. It shows how much of a gold digger she really is. Love isn’t about fancy dinners, breakfast in bed (which is always very nice) and expensive jewelry, it’s about the simpler, cheaper things in life.

I believe when you are in love it’s a feeling unlike any other. It’s common to be unsure if you are actually in love. I know I second guess myself a lot of the time in my life. I think how can I be in love with someone who doesn’t love me? How can I care for someone more then I have ever cared about anyone? When I see couples who are doing their bridal registries at my job, I wonder how they knew that other person was “the one”.

I honestly think your heart must know. Throughout life, people have fallen in and out of love but, it’s all about trial and error. With every relationship you have, it’s another lesson learned. But when you fine “the one” it’s as if you are ready for the real deal. You are ready to go into the boxing ring of life, and fight for what you love.

Love isn’t all about holding hands in the hallways, or chocolate on Valentine’s Day. It’s all about the respect you give to another person. It could be your mother, father, husband, children, boyfriend, girlfriend or simply your friend. To me, love is all about the surprises. It’s about the simple text message when you’re having a bad day, or having them visit you at the job you dread. With me, it’s about the simple things that made me fall in love. It wasn’t about the crappy dinners we’ve had or the endless amounts of shitty coffee I’ve consumed. It’s all about the company. If you’re in the company of someone who cares and respects you, the material things seem to fade away. And at that moment, its love.


Lemme know what you think :)

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