My Runaway.

You make me dance

like a flower in the wind

petals moving back and forth

as the deep breeze

slowly moves

through my hair.

You run towards me

the anticipation of seeing you

has made a tornado

of thoughts

that circles around my brain.

But then I look again

and you are no where

to be found.

The sun is now saying

its final good day

to the world

I grew tired

of waiting for your arrival.

I’m not afraid to walk

on this starless night

where the cold wind glides

off the calm ocean.

As the sun goes to bed

I know you

will be thinking of me

just like I

will be thinking of you.

The twinkling stars

remind me

of your eyes

as you ran towards me

on that windy spring morning.

But you made a choice.

You turned around

and ran away

just like

you always have.

I think  this is pretty incredible.Today was a big eye opening day.


2 thoughts on “My Runaway.

  1. Joanna says:

    This was a really nice piece. I like the beginning with “a flower in the wind” part.

Lemme know what you think :)

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