Magazine’s are Deceiving

Yesterday, I was looking at a Sports Illustrated magazine, and I was baffled by what I saw. In my whole 19 years of life, I have never ever, touched a sports illustrated, playboy, or playgirl magazine… it just isn’t my thing, but the other day, I was at Barnes and Noble and the sports illustrated caught my eye. It wasn’t like the traditional sports illustrated covers where the girl is half naked on the cover. It had like colors and Kate Upton was on it. I personally like Kate Upton, she seems like a normal human being and she’s not a total stick.

After going through the magazine, I was shocked by what I was seeing. I thought it was going to be all about sports, because you know it’s called “Sports Illustrated”, but no. I was mistaken…. yet again. Every page had a different girl on it. Some yes, were gorgeous, but some were just bodies with ugly faces. They were holding footballs, soccerballs, and tennis rackets against their small chests. I didn’t find any part of this attractive.

As I continued to skim through the book, I was looking at not the girl’s bodies, but their faces. They were not happy. You could see it in their eyes that they were only doing this because they wanted money. As much as Sports Illustrated is a top magazine and a great opportunity, I don’t think it’s worth taking your clothes off for.

I was talking to my friend Andrew about Sports Illustrated because he is a guy, and I wanted a guy’s opinion on this. I asked him if he minded his daughter being in the magazine. He said he wouldn’t have minded. That boggled my mind. If my daughter was in Sports Illustrated I would be embarrassed. I wouldn’t want dirty old men looking at my child in a bathing suit or lingerie. I wouldn’t want men to be getting a hard on from a picture of my daughter. But in some ways his opinion made sense because he also said Sports Illustrated is all about Sports, as much as people don’t read the print. It’s all about sponsoring players. But can’t they sponsor players in more clothing, like maybe a nightgown? or a tee shirt and jeans?

As I looked at the magazine, there was a man standing next to be looking at the same magazine. He was in his late thirties, I could tell. I was curious on what his opinion on it was because I wasn’t sure if he was looking at for pleasure or if he was actually reading the words. He said that it was better than Playboy, and that he wouldn’t mind if his daughter was in Sports Illustrated because it’s not a white trash magazine like Playboy is.

I think my opinion lies with fact that I would never be caught dead in that magazine, let alone be a model. I could go on for days on why I don’t think modeling is such a wonderful profession, but I’ll leave that for another time. Sports Illustrated is degrading women. If it’s not considered a dirty magazine, then the girls should put some clothes on.

As much as I love Kate Upton, I don’t think I’ll ever touch a Sports Illustrated magazine again.

xo Sarah.

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