Mysterious and Misunderstood

Mysterious and Mistunderstood

the two things you are to me

as much as I try so hard

I can’t seem

to let you go.

I cry for you. I cry with you.

With you

It’s a two way street.

You make life easy,

I guess that’s why I should leave.

Life shouldn’t be easy,

Life should have

Mountains,Pot Holes,

cracks in the worn down road.

I love you so much

I can’t stand you.

You make me so happy

I could punch you.

I know you love me

I can see it in your eyes.

It’s hidden behind

this hard exterior

that you portray to people.

But I see through

your hard  metal shield

You close your eyes,

I look out your window.

Children laugh

and run around.

One little boy

let’s out a loud laugh.

I giggle absent mindedly,

noticing our


I can feel you staring.

I can feel you slipping

into my mind,

just like you’ve slipped into my heart

12 long months ago.

I look at you

you smile.

My heart melts.

Son of a Bitch,

you’ve done it again.


One thought on “Mysterious and Misunderstood

  1. This is great! I especially LOVE the ending!!

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