A Happy Little School Girl

I’ve met pretty amazing  people this year in College.  From young to old, semester to semester they have been my social support system. My first year at Brookdale is almost over and I  must say it has been the best year of schooling I have ever had. Brookdale has treated me so well. I have gotten oppurtunities just in the last 9 months that I thought never in a million years I would ever get. The people I’ve met have made Brookdale enjoyable. The accademic life has been alright, hit or miss teachers, hard assignments, countless hours with my “Game” face on. But in the end, its all going to be worth it. I will have an associates degree in a subject that I am so passionate about that its sickening and that is to write.

But not all writing is the same. Research writing makes me want to gouge my eyes out. For the last hour, I have been trying so hard to write a paper on Legalizing Prostitution and I have been dying. The writing is not me. I thought in the beginning it would a challenge for me, but research paper writing to me is like eating brussel sprouts everyday. I feel like I’m pretending to be something I am not.I am a creative writer. My teacher knows, just let me do what I do. I will not being needing to write 10 page papers about my opinion on abortions or anything like that in my life.

But my creative writing however has skyrocket in the last nine months. I have gone to the AWP writers conferennce. Made AWESOME writer friends through creative writing club, and have learned not just about writing but about myself in my creative Non fiction class. I couldn’t wait for that class.. and it was over exceeded my expectations. I love my teacher Colleen Lineberry so much. She makes me feel warm and welcomed. She gives me the drive to write. She knows I am a great writer, even when the pieces  are not so great.

My friends on the other hand, have helped me through everything. From Andrew who can give you his opinion on ANYTHING, to Ruti who quiet on the outside but has SO much to say. Then theres Bill who is funny as hell as a writer but as a human being, really serious, Laura the warm comfort that is always there for  me even at the hell of a job we both had at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  There’s Sam, the obnoxious one who has a kind heart, Grace the wild one, Finn the mysterious one and Damian… all I can say about Damian is that I am glad he is forgiving.

These people have been my friends for both semesters. They have seen me half asleep, some of them I’ve had crushes on them and got over quick, some know my scars but still stay my friend and not judge me. Even though Andrew has said countless times I need to “reevaulate my decision making.”And sometimes he’s right.

I love my new friends.. they are the friends you never forget.


I love Brookdale. I wish I never had to leave



Lemme know what you think :)

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