Unconditional Love.

Dear Mom,

I have been thinking


over the thoughts and voices

that crowd my brain.

Throughout my life

I have tripped over

my shoelaces

and doubled knotted

my old ratty shoes

so I can continue

to stride

on this journey

we call life.

Watching from the sidelines

you see a mirror image

of yourself

in my eyes.

I smile

seeing you there

cheering me on

with your poms poms

in hand.

At times

When I  have stumbled over

the large cracks

in the road

 you have

picked me up

and helped me

 every step

of the way.

Just know one thing

I try


to make you proud.

I hope

I’ve exceeded

your expectations

of me.

To my mom..my biggest cheerleader… my confidant… my hero… my best friend.

Love you.



One thought on “Unconditional Love.

  1. Katherine says:

    Thanks Sar its a beautiful poem and weither you know it or not you have done the exact same thing for me , I can only hope that I can live up to the image you think I am…. Love you

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