1/2 of Me = You

I body is broken in half

One half of you

And one half of me

But you see,

The half of you is crumbling


With jagged edges

Unable to be repaired

I feel like I am trying

Too hard

But like you said

Everything should be


But you make it


For me to breathe

With only one half

Of me.

I feel like my body is aching

With nothing to lean on

Without two legs to stand on

and only one lung to breathe from

But there’s one heart

And you have that

Without it

I feel



I need my heart back

In order to survive

And right now I can’t live

Without you

Beating it for me.

I was having a conversation about body parts and organs with my friend, got me inspired to write this poem. All I write is love Poetry, I need to broaden my horizons. 



One thought on “1/2 of Me = You

  1. I really enjoyed this. It is not an ordinary love poem.

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