The Golden Key

The Golden truth lies

In the hearts of lost boys

Hoping, dreaming of becoming

The superheroes in their comic books

Saving the day and getting the girl

Of their dreams.

The key to their hearts

are hidden, Lost,

Guarded by villains and monsters

of their withered imaginations.

Their Hopes and dreams

Are crushed underneath

Lies and deceit

That are lost

In the fictional characters

That are made up

In their dark, damaged


But you see

The Golden Key

Is hidden

Beneath the surface

Of the world

Where black

has turned white

And Happiness

Has turned into sadness

And imagination

Is our new reality.


Inspired by my friend Sam. He wrote this poem that was really interesting. if you wanna read it you can go to I got pretty inspired, hope you do too!



Lemme know what you think :)

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