Changing Faces, Changing Towns.

Tonight I went to this old arcade in Keansburge with my friend Brit and her sister. We had alot of fun, but the whole environment got me really inspired.

I met this old man tonight, he was nameless to me but I knew he had a name. He was bald and watched the little kids and their families play skee ball and other games in the arcade. One would say this is extremely creepy, but as a creeper myself, I found this extremely beautiful. Because of my bad luck and the many broken games in the arcade, I had to ask Nameless man for help. He kept giving us free games. It was nice of him, you don’t get free shit anymore.

Keansburge is known to be a bad area, but even though I felt a little scared, I didn’t think anyone or anything was out to hurt me. I am more afraid in my town, than there. In my town…. well atleast in my neighborhood, there’s so many dirt bags on  my street that I didn’t think it was possible to have all of them on one street. It’s either who’s getting busted for drugs, or whose riding their bike because they have gotten so many DWI’s that they will never get their license again. Everyone is out to hurt eachother in my neighborhood. On my street, no one likes my family because we have to biggest house on the block. It’s all about who can rise to the surface and who’s going to drown in the river of shit.

As much as people say I live in a white trash neighborhood, my family and I proved to the reason of the neighborhood that we were not going to take sure and we were not going to turn into them. I have lived in my house for 14 years. I have seen drug addicts, drug dealers leave and never come back. I’ve seen sweet little old ladies die of old age and heartbreak. I’ve seen more hatred than I have ever seen.

From the strength of my family, we managed to not get sucked into a world where  people are out breaking the law and trying to hurt themselves and other people. My neghborood isn’t white trash, the people in it need to just grow the hell up.

Looking at my neighborhood tonight as made me see how in every town, there is always a thin layer of shit that people need to get past that, and only the strong survive.

Have a Good Weekend



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