Not so Happy Ending.

I look out  the dusky window

where at times

you too

have seen the same image

I am currently seeing.

Little children laughing

running and

enjoying life.

I am stuck in a dungeon

like the  princess waiting

for her prince to come

and rescue her

from the evil beast.

please someone

come rescue me

from this




Inspired by the movie Shrek. Babysitting is fun,sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Not so Happy Ending.

  1. This is cute. But I’m expecting you to write a follow up about how you stopped waiting for the prince to come, and went ahead and slayed the beast all on your own, cooked him over an open fire and invited all the neighborhood children in (hungry from all that playing in the sun) to dine on some char-broiled dragon meat. I love sequels!!

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