Torn Dragonfly Wings

There you sit

Broken, alone

In the darkness

Drowning yourself

In your own broken


You wait for someone

Who will never come.

It’s been haunting you

For months

The whispers you hear

The disapproval you get.

Your world has turned toxic

The words that come out

Of your useless mouth

Have become cancerous

For the rest of world.

Guilt follows you

Like the Grim Reaper

As he patiently waits

To capture your heart and soul

And turn them into darkness

The wind dries

Your Meaningless tears

That  fall falsely

Down your pale

Sunken face.

Under the bridge

We found your

Lifeless body

The wings

Of Fallen angels

Have taken you

Away from

This withering world

Where the mosquitoes

Suck every ounce

Of your being.

Listen to Secondhand Serenade and you get this. he he 

This is NOT the sequal to “Not So Happy Ending”, I am working on it. 

Lemme know what you think :)

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