I Don’t Bleed Red.

Yesterday I visited my friend Brandon at Rutgers University, I had never been to a four year school before. I went to Monmouth University once, and I liked it because I didn’t have to sleep in the dorms. My cousin had a house about a block away from the campus. It didn’t feel like college. I never felt the college experience before… well before yesterday. Driving onto Busch Campus, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of “ghettoness” in the area. If anyone who  doesn’t know  Rutgers,  people say they are known for their STD infestation and their parties. I saw none of the above. My friend is in the engineering department. All I can say is that i DID NOT fit in. Those kind of people are whole different species, I swear. I’ve never seen anything like it in the my life.

I only saw 1 remotely attractive guy… it was a slight disappointment. But as the hours of the night progressed I was in dire need of alcohol because the people I was with were not my cup of tea, because I am so used to hanging out with writers.My friend had changed and he wasn’t the same guy I knew my whole life. It kinda was disappointing, but I know I have changed too.

Enough about the people, the campus on the other hand was beautiful. The downside of the campus itself was that it was HUGE! I got lost just trying to find a parking spot. It was ridiculous. You have to drive from campus to campus. There are classes on all the campuses and there are 4 or 5 campuses. It was crazy! You couldn’t really walk to anything besides the student center, which didn’t really make any sense because not many people have cars on campus but yet they make it so far away.. I didn’t understand that.

As my friend gave me the tour of the Livingston Campus,  it was alot nicer than the Busch Campus. There were fountains and shit and the dining hall was really cool. They had  a little pub thing and there were of people there. It was cool, but it wasn’t Brookdale. It was too detached. Brookdale is very cozy, well to me it is.Livingston Campus is for the Buisness majors. It seemed stuffy, I wasn’t smart enough to even be seen with them, I felt like.

As I walked to my car this morning, I felt like these people didn’t think I was smart enough. They were engineers. I am a writer. I love being a writer. Writing is my life. Chemistry, Physics,Ethics, and philosophy are things I really DO NOT give a shit about at all. I am curious about what life has in store for us, but I don’t care about alot of things. I don’t care about organic chemistry. These people are NERDS. I am not a nerd. I feel cool because i am writer. I wouldn’t wanna be anything than what I am.

People take unimportant things so serious. Like in the real world, why would one need to know about physics. Like C’mon. If you were getting mugged knowing how to compound atoms is definatly not going to save you. Being logical and witty yes will, but being book smart is not going to help you in the real world.

I think alot of people look down on me because I am a writer. People don’t want to persue writing as a career because its a starving art form, but I say bullshit. If I love what I do, then I am going to do what I love to do and make shit money, than do something that I am not passionate about make millions of dollars.

Money to me is not a big deal. If I can afford gas in my car, food in my stomach and coffee on my lips, than I am content. I do go out my buy 500$ purses. I don’t even use a purse. I wear the same flip flops with all my outfits. I have been wearing the same pair of flats for a year and half now. I got them for 12.99 at payless and they are still holding strong. I have a computer I’ve had for 6 years and its still kicking. I don’t have a fancy Mac. The only real fancy thing I have is an Iphone. It makes things easier for me. I can show people my work with a touch of a button. I tend not to get lost as much anymore. I can get a hold of people really easy now. I am in the loop more. It’s also good for school because I can manage my school work on my phone. I send emails to my professors instantly.

But anyway, going back to Rutgers. As I look back at my temporary stay at Rutgers, I am so grateful I go to Brookdale. It is a great start. You learn how to be in a college environment and the courses are alot cheaper and if you fuck up a little bit, its really not a big deal. You get used to what colleges expect and the people and the connections you are going to meet. I Love College, it was the best decision I ever made by going. I think I would have hated it if I had to live there already. I enjoy living home. I don’t have to share a room with a complete stranger.. that is weird.

another year and a half until I am done with brookdale.I don’t want it to go fast :(



55 thoughts on “I Don’t Bleed Red.

  1. No offense, but, are you retarded or something?

    ‘Cause you can’t construct correct sentence structures or utilize proper grammar for shit.

    • sarahviveca says:

      I think your really being rude. But thank you for your comment. And If I am “retarded” then you are critisizing me. It would be called “mentally disabled” if I am at all.

      And If you went to brookdale or knew what Brookdale was at all. Then maybe you would know that they aren’t ashamed of their students.

      • drei says:

        You used the wrong “your”

      • everyone with a brain cell in their head says:

        learn to use commas instead of period EVERY FUCKING WHERE YOU GO. and that person DID go to brookdale ASS

      • sarahviveca says:

        What the hell is your problem? I got you.. You are now personally insulting me. Can you please go back to your books and your life and leave me alone. Thank you all.

      • sarahviveca says:

        And if you had a little class, you probably wouldn’t be calling me names directly. Just saying.

      • First of all, I did attend Brookdale and consequently feel extremely disappointed to be sharing an alma mater with you (supposing you will actually earn a degree).

        Your entire blog is nothing more than an ongoing exercise in personal hypocrisy and contrary word vomit. Your use of grammar and syntax is abhorrent but this pales in comparison to your obvious laziness in self-editing. As a writer you should be embarrassed of the work you are indefinitely committing to an open forum AKA the internet.

        As a human being you should feel remorse over your obvious inability to recognize and contextualize logic in a meaningful way with your peers. Also, your ineffective reasoning skills should plunge your soul into a pit of despair and internal sorrow, sorrow that I, myself have only comparably felt after reading your so called ‘poetry”.

      • sarahviveca says:

        Than don’t read my shit. Plain and simple. I don’t know why you are still going on and on about this. Don’t you have anything better to do with your life?

    • Laura says:

      I love you <3

    • Mike J. says:

      Your a stupid bitch Maria and I hate you very much. Rutgers does suck, its a miserable place to live and to visit. I’m guessing your a cranky anger little bitch and I feel sorry for who ever the man is that gets stuck with you. Enjoy your miserable life! :)

  2. April B. White says:

    Rutgers makes everything accessible to it’s student via their busing system. Commuters park at one campus and transportation is provided via the university mass transportation system. It’s actually a really great system that helps cut down on carbon emissions and traffic in an already congested area.

    “People take unimportant things so serious. Like in the real world, why would one need to know about physics. Like C’mon. If you were getting mugged knowing how to compound atoms is definatly not going to save you. Being logical and witty yes will, but being book smart is not going to help you in the real world.”
    – Just about everything you encounter every single day is because of physics and engineering. Running water. Soap. Cars. Roads. Bridges. Concrete. Your home, school and places of recreation. The people who designed, developed or constructed these things DID help the real world by being book smart.

    “I think alot of people look down on me because I am a writer.”
    – No, they look down on you because you say things like the above.

    PS. “These people are NERDS.” – I am a graphic/web designer TURNED engineering AND a physics major.

    • sarahviveca says:

      I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just honest. It’s my opinion. I didn’t like Rutgers. I wrote about it. Big deal. its being really blown out of proportion.

      • Its completely understandable that you didn’t like Rutgers.
        What isn’t is that you pushed down the people that attend and further more, you pushed down the people that tried to be hospitable to you.
        And you didn’t stop there.
        You, for some reason I fail to grasp, also decided to push down the disciplines that are a fundamental part of our current lifestyle.
        You are king of what you keep and a slave of what you say. Unfortunately for you you decided to not only say it, but immortalize it on the world wide web. Congrats. People are now quoting your stupidity.

      • sarahviveca says:

        Well Atleast I am famous for something. It isn’t stupidity, its called an opinion. I don’t understand why you people are making such a big deal. It’s a school, its not like its your family or something.
        You pay 20,000 a year to go to a institution. It’s a school where you live. According to the University of Oregon, their facilities “provide not just a place to sleep, but also opportunities for educational growth.
        It’s not about making friends. It’s about getting an education.
        I’m not ashamed of what I say, its called an opinion. If I hit a nerve on your school than its my opinion. I am entitled to one, and so are you.

      • everyone with a brain cell in their head says:

        and you ARE being rude. thats not called honest, thats called stupidity. you made a mockery of the people who showed you around and tried to be nice to you. your “friend” whoever that person is, should delete you from facebook, twitter, and their life.

      • sarahviveca says:

        It’s called an HONEST OPINION and if you think my opinion is so stupid then why are still continuing to harass me.

  3. Laura says:

    Please try to take other people’s comments into consideration with your writing. It may do you some good. If people are repeatedly saying you are making grammatical and spelling mistakes, it may not be a bad idea to read over your work before you post it. Also, it is one thing to have an opinion about something, but you are simply bashing anyone and anything that doesn’t relate to writing without a solid argument. Just because you consider yourself a writer doesn’t mean that everything else in the world besides writing is unimportant. As a writer, or in fact even as a human being, you should know better than to be so closed minded.

    • sarahviveca says:

      I wasn’t being closed minded. I was observing and stating an opinion. I am allowed to do that. And with the grammatical errors. This is my “diary blog” of sorts. If I want grammatical errors in it I am allowed. These are all drafts. People make mistakes in their writing. I am usually writing these blogs at 2,3 am. Yea they aren’t going to be spot on but who’s writing really is?

  4. Brittany says:

    Oh who gives a shit, really? This is her opinion. So what if this *offends* you or even goes against your opinions. It’s not the end of the world. No reason to be so nasty. People are gunna say things you don’t like. That’s life.

  5. Not an insubordinate know-it-all says:

    You should get a journal instead of writing your thoughts in this blog.
    1) You are clearly offending people with your “opinions.”
    2) You are making yourself look ignorant, self-centered, stupid, reluctant, and selfish to your potential readers.
    3) You can make as many grammatical errors as you want and those red, squiggly lines won’t appear under your mistakes.
    4) Your high self esteem won’t be shot down and you can go back to being an egotistical know-it-all.
    5) If you do somehow become famous, and die one day, people can publish your diary and look at how unintelligent you were. They can also be happy that they never got the chance to meet you after reading the words you scrawled into that diary.

    It’s just a suggestion… but IN MY OPINION, it’s better to not look like an insubordinate neanderthal than to never have a single work published.

  6. The Rutgers Student Collective says:

    I actually attend Rutgers University, and what you have said about my school makes me want to vomit.
    First of all, you were surprised at the, “lack of ‘ghettoness’?” Rutgers University is world renowned. Did you really believe it to be some sort of ghetto? Also, Busch campus is extremely well-kept, considering that it is the main visiting point and sports hub of Rutgers. Although I cannot disclaim that Rutgers does have a infamous reputation of STD positive students, I can say that almost EVERY college has a similar or equal one both in terms of sexual disease and parties. Rutgers’ reputation is most likely inflated due to the fact that over 35,000 students are currently enrolled in New Brunswick alone, much more than most colleges.
    You continue to say that you “did not fit in.” Was it because you did not see any of the parties you believed existed en mass? When you say that you “were in dire need of alcohol,” it certainly seems that way.
    As for the size of the campus, Rutgers owns the 2nd largest bus system in New Jersey. The first is the New Jersey Transit. Living on campus, I can confidently say that all my fears of the size of Rutgers were thoroughly banished. I make daily trips from one end of my school to the other with minimal problems. Relying on the bus system, however, does require some dedication to your classes, such as getting ready rather early in order to make the bus. That is called responsibility. Have you ever heard about it?
    The landmarks you pointed out were fountains the dining hall, and a pub. Really? That is what you are forming your opinions on? I’m not even going to touch that. It speaks for itself.
    Your next two paragraphs make me physically cringe. You label the people who are studying chemistry, physics, and philosophy as nerds. Those ‘nerds’ are putting their tuition to good use, getting a level of education most people can only dream about. I am actually appalled that you consider those subjects unimportant.
    Chemistry and physics are so obviously important, it’s a mystery that you could even think the opposite. Are ethics really unimportant to you? I’m not surprised; You were very quick to label Rutgers students as ‘stuck-ups’ and ‘nerds’. I guess being ethical really isn’t that important, huh? Finally, being logical, by definition, means that you agree with principals of logic. In case you didn’t know, which is is obvious that you don’t, logic is actually a branch of philosophy. Oh look! Those “unimportant things” are actually EXTREMELY important! Who knew? Also, being ‘witty’ while getting mugged will most likely NOT help you at all.
    “Being book smart is not going to help you in the real world.” Are you serious? I’m not even going to touch this.
    Your next two paragraphs are about you. I’m not going to delve far into them. They are not about Rutgers and frankly, they shouldn’t even be there. You’re off-topic and trying to make yourself look good, which you fail miserably at. You buy $500 purses yet don’t use them? Yes, that’s definitely good for your image.
    In your last paragraph, you are glad that you attend Brookdale. That’s fine. There is nothing wrong with that. Like you said, it’s a “great start.” That is also true. Brookdale is a very common community college, and many students leave Brookdale after two years to continue their education at four-year universities like Rutgers. You, however, do not seem ready for the amount of responsibility that would require.
    Overall, I’m actually very glad that you do not like my school. I hope you find the college that is your “cup of tea,” but I can only pray that is is far away from mine.

  7. Raaaaaaaandy says:

    My honest opinion is you probably will not be successful in life. Going to a community college is not something to be proud of, you should strive to do better for yourself. Just food for thought, a recent article ranked Rutgers in the top 15 schools in the nation that produced CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. That is incredible, regardless of your opinion, or the way the busses and people party. Seriously though, open your eyes, take everything with a grain of salt, if you are getting this much hate, you really could be doing something wrong. Ignorance seems to be your forte. Get rid of that, educate yourself.

    • sarahviveca says:

      Why is going to a Community College not something to be proud of?
      Im sorry I am poor and am paying for my own schooling..

      • Shut up already says:

        im paying for my schooling too… at rutgers. so suck it

      • sarahviveca says:

        This post is really old… you’re kinda late to the boat. You should have came around 4 months ago when it was really popular…. now your comment was a waste of time.

      • Shut up already says:

        The point is that you are a shitty writer and that even though I’m posting this months after you typed this up, you can see that this post will follow you for life. Not only have I found this post multiple times, but other people more important to you than I am (teachers, potential bosses, future readers/followers, etc.) can find your garbage as well. And be sure that I will make sure that this follows you for life. Even after you decide to delete this article, even this account. You screwed with the wrong people Sarah.

  8. m1st3rdodo says:

    I would delete this blog if you plan on going to a four year school. That’s all I am going to say because I don’t like to attack people on the internet. It’s very childish.

    • sarahviveca says:

      I will delete when the time comes. Yea, saying that I am a terrible writer on the internet and calling me ugly is extremely childish.

      • m1st3rdodo says:

        I agree! I have been to many great parties at Rutgers but, you have to know where to look. Most of the best ones at at off campus houses. Also, two words: Basement parties. Awesome.

  9. mikecerisano says:

    You cannot write. You are not a writer. Stop writing. Please stop today. The world would be a better place if you never learned a spoken language.

    Having a blog does not make you a writer, though having a bit of control over grammar is a start. Stop blogging.

  10. Kyra says:

    I came here to say that this is the worst piece of writing I have ever read. Honestly. But I guess that’s what a community college education will get you.
    Not only are you arrogant, but you are a stupid, stupid person. You say you don’t care about philosophy yet you value being logical? Bitch, philosophy is founded on logic. You need to take your head out of your ass and start taking some classes instead of calling everyone “NERDS”. Not only are you nowhere near as intelligent as those admitted to the engineering dept. at Rutgers, you are nowhere near as creative.
    If you didn’t get that, I’ll repeat it here in a language you can understand.
    Grow up you ignorant piece of shit.

  11. Kyra says:

    Please don’t reproduce. Please.

  12. hi says:


  13. Mike says:

    You are an idiot Sarah. I can not believe you would write such things about a school without knowing much about it. You’re a shallow bitch, seriously. I went to Rutgers, and am the kind of person with no school pride, yet it really upset me to read something so ill thought-out and clearly not considering more than a few elements of the school at all. As a philosophy major, your discrediting of the field while making (poorly constructed and unsound) arguments was amusing, though.

  14. Disgruntled Rutgers Student says:

    You said a lot of things that strike me as ignorant. Examples:

    “Writing is my life. Chemistry, Physics,Ethics, and philosophy are things I really DO NOT give a shit about at all.”

    Really? I think you should care about ethics and philosophy at least a little. Writing is all about connecting with people, trying to understand them and then communicating with them through words. You’re expressing to other people your opinions on life. And your opinions on life are based on your personal ethics and philosophies. If you actually study those subjects, then maybe you’ll be better at communicating with people.

    “People take unimportant things so serious. Like in the real world, why would one need to know about physics.”

    Without scientists, you wouldn’t have the technology to write this blog. You’d be carving on stone tablets with another rock. And in the “real world,” if you suddenly become ill from an unknown disease or need emergency medical attention, who is going to be more useful – a scientist, or a writer? Be more appreciative of the people who REALLY make the world work.

    You also don’t know a thing about Rutgers. Did you know that in addition to the NERDS who study engineering, there are also art majors and English majors and dance majors and theater majors? You were on Busch most of the time – that’s where most of the science classes are, so that’s where most of the science majors live. But it sounds like you didn’t even visit the College Avenue or Cook/Douglass campuses, where there are plenty of artists, writers and hard-partying alcoholics.

    I’m an art major so I know just as well as you do how science and the people who study it can seem. But just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean I have to sound like an idiot when I’m talking about it.

    • sarahviveca says:

      Maybe if I went to college ave ( like I asked them to take me) they refused… I would think differently. I know Rutgers has a great writing program and I was really thinking about going, but after going to see Rugters… and the science department I was turned off by the whole thing. Maybe if I went to a different Campus I would think differently, maybe if I was with different people I would have thought differently. As a major of the fine arts, you would understand the passion we take in our craft. In my opinion Science isn’t a a craft, you are simply learning something someone already thought of. Artists create new things.. we aren’t following someone elses work.

  15. lord poopyhead says:

    If you’re looking for some more opinions of your writing, you can find them here: http://www.reddit.com/r/rutgers/comments/u5smw/dumb_bitch_visits_rutgers_heres_what_she_had_to/

  16. Shawn says:

    Mannn as a Rutgers student it pains me to see such a judgmental post. This should be renamed from “I Don’t Bleed Red” to “Let Me Talk About My Narcissism Problems.” The lack of ghettoness?! You’re hearing the perspective of College Avenue Campus, and the parts that are barely affiliated with the school other than off-campus housing. You didn’t even visit Cook Douglass Campus which I guarantee all my fellow Rutgers students would agree is where you’d belong.

    Then the whole rant on math and science and why writing is better. I don’t even know how to react to that. Prime example of judging a book by it’s cover. One day of touring is nowhere near the appropriate length of time to judge an entire university. How can you say math and science is unimportant??? Every single job that you can think of uses some amount of math, and these two fields are designed to make a better place and make your life easier. You can call them nerds all you want but nerds run the world, they are the epitome of hard work and success. Nerds were everywhere? Rutgers is hands down the most diverse university in New Jersey. If you have a ‘perfect guy’ that suits you I guarantee there’s at least 200 here that fulfill your needs and wants.

    Obviously you’re entitled to your own opinion and all..but jeez you really have a stick up your ass or something to judge people and places so quickly just by word of mouth.

  17. Not A Rutgers Student says:

    Just to let you know, your post here was linked to reddit.com, and a bunch of Rutgers students saw it and flipped out.. That is why there are now a bunch of people here, doing the best they can to make you feel bad.

  18. GR says:

    I’m sorry for the amount of negative and hateful things said in the comments. Somebody linked to this post is the sinkhole that is reddit.com, and these are some of the kind, respectful denizen of the site. *e-hugs* for having to deal with this. (It might be a good idea to delete this post or make it private. It sucks and is unfair, but it will spare you these idiots.

    • sarahviveca says:

      thank you. I honestly don’t care. I won’t make it private because it means they won. I am not ugly, or a terrible writer, these people are bashing me because I stated an opinion against their school. I’ve read the comments on Reddit.com and I think they are absolutely ridiculous.. I mean if these kids were actually studying they wouldn’t have time to be on a blog and creeping on my facebook to see how ugly I am but instead, they are reading my twitter and going on my facebook and wasting their time on comments I simply don’t read. I’m actually writing a psychology paper of people’s anger and I would like to thank you all for all my research. Extremely appreciative. .

      • Another Writer says:

        If you are indeed a writer, which you say you are, than you would take some of this criticism and keep it in mind. I am a Redditor and I know most people could care less what school you chose to write about (except for a small few that may have gone there). It is more how you wrote about your experience that is striking a nerve among most Redditors and commenters alike.
        You state you want to be a writer and that it is something you are good at, yet you seem to put no time or effort into your own writing before going public with it. It is fine to keep a personal diary, but if you are going to post things on the internet knowing full well you will be held accountable for what you say, than you should really put more effort into your blog. The simple grammatical errors you made are unacceptable for someone of your age and especially since they contradict with what you want to be. It looks like you didn’t re-read your own writing even one time, which is something that is taught way back in elementary school. If you, the person who wrote it, doesn’t want to read your writing than how can you expect other people to want to in the future when trying to make your career take off? To be perfectly honest most of the reason I kept reading was because it was such a train wreck and I couldn’t stop. I am not even going to list all the other errors you had with your “opinions” because your opinions aren’t important. What is important is that you get some constructive criticism to help improve your writing. You are really going to need it if you want to do anything professionally with writing when you are older.
        As a writer I personally love people telling me ways to improve and what to change. It is nice when people compliment my work, but I would much rather have people criticize my mistakes or flaws so I know how to improve.
        I really hope you take something away from what I said instead of just dismissing it among all the other comments of people just trying to help you improve. A lot of commenters on here (and Reddit) have really good points you should take into consideration. I realize some people were rather rude in their response, but like you said, people are entitled to their own opinions and can write them however they please.

  19. Meow says:

    the saying is BLEED SCARLET not red and you actually DO bleed red.

  20. sarahviveca says:

    You are being rude.

  21. Hank Scorpio says:

    I might be going a bit far in saying this, but every piece of writing is an argument. You must convince the reader of what you are saying. If you’re content to throw it off as an opinion that needn’t be accepted, then you aren’t doing your job.

    Similarly, if the other person has a point, don’t pretend they don’t. Its better to work from a good criticism than to dismiss it.

  22. Loren Michaels says:

    As someone who was invited to Rutgers and offered a full ride for Biotechnology, I just want to say the following:

    Fuck Rutgers. It is literally the worst school on the East Coast, and it has a student population so milk-white it puts milk to shame. You’re better off never going there.

    That said, as a fellow writer (yes, that’s right! I went to a school for writing instead of biotech, just to shit on Rutgers some more), your blog is fine, and you’re absolutely intelligent enough to go to any school you want. Ignore these assholes coming in from reddit.com/r/rutgers — they’re the same people that support bullying gay kids to death, after all (oh, and they all hate women, trans*-folk and pretty much anything else that isn’t a straight, white middle-class brick of poop, for what it’s worth).

    You’re a good person, Sarahviveca, keep up the good work, and I hope I see your name in the book stores some day. :)

    • sarahviveca says:

      Thank you so much.

      I applied to Rutgers too, got accepted but decided I’d rather not spend a small fortune on classes I could take somewhere else for much cheaper.

    • Rutgers Student and enthusiast says:

      There are many Asians and Indians in Engineering, Pharmacy, and more incoming from the merger with the medical school. I am Indian, and I am currently in a class of 22 for the summer with only 2 white kids….


    you are so unskilled in English it’s actually depressing. You’re also hideous and poor. What do you have going for you?

  24. Rutgers Student and enthusiast says:

    I think everyone should leave your blog alone. Its not as if commenting on your blog will change anything, because your opinion is extremely insignificant. A common thread I see running through your piece is your insecurity, and how you attempt to deal with it. You seem to be insecure about your looks; that is why you comment on how there were no attractive guys on Busch campus. Additionally, you display your insecurity about your own intelligence, when you presume that people in Busch and Livingstone think they are too smart for you; you react by bashing some of the most fundamental disciplines of study. Lastly, you are insecure about fitting in to an actual four year college; I think this is the whole reason for your little tirade.
    Thankfully, Rutgers doesn’t have to deal with your attitude or your ignorance. Rutgers is world renowned, and doesn’t have to respond to the ramblings of an insecure girl such as yourself. Unfortunately for you, I think you would have fit into the Rutgers community well – Cook-Douglass campus is quiet, detached, and full of writers, musicians and the like.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do with your life. I am enjoying my life at Rutgers.

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