Memories are Falling From the Sky

I have come to realized in this one short year of college how people and myself have changed.

Alot of people from high school are not the same people who I used to hang out with. It’s kinda sad but I know I have changed too.I’ve met people in college that are pretty awesome. They have become my close friends because my other friends are away at school and we have grown apart. My new friends are the people I call when I am sad. Because they are writers too.Just to clarify I am studying in school to be a writer ( for everyone who said I am a terrible writer)  Anyway, because my friends are writers, they can help me edit my work, and help me make it the best it can be. I like that alot. I feel sometimes that because I am a writer, I am different than everyone else. I am excluded from the rest of world. I don’t feel like I fit in. After going to the AWP conference and befriending people from the trip and from creative writing club, When I am with my new friends, I don’t feel alone.

Once you leave High School and you stop seeing the same people everyday, people change. They meet different people who are strangers to you. Sometimes when you see them after high school, it isn’t the same. It will never be the same because you aren’t seeing them everyday. You aren’t going assemblies with them and texting them to see where they are anymore. You are going to assemblies and events with new people.

This school year has been crazy life changing. I found out who my real friends are. I lost my best friend, I lost trust and respect for people more them, physically. I have seen what friendship REALLY is. I have felt what real pain feels like. I have fallen deeply and passionately in love. I have rekindled friendships that have turned into close friendships. It’s funny to see the people come out of the woodwork that you wouldn’t expect. In this year, I rekindled a friendship with my best friend from PreK and 3rd Grade. All thanks to Facebook and Bed Bath and Beyond

It’s funny how things change. It’s funny how the weather can make you think of memories. Just falling drops of water and muster memories and create new ones. Tonight I sat my car with my friend Alexis (who I’ve known since I was 7) and I realized that the people who’ve watched you grow, will continue to watch because they want to see the flower fully bloom. I know no doubt, I will always be friends with Alexis. Our friendship is simple. We eat, we bitch, we laugh, and thats it. There are no strings. I trust her, she trusts me. Thats it.

Today as the rain slams on my house, I remember nights where I was with my best friend in the Whole Foods parking lot, sitting in my car and bitching about unimportant things. These moments of our friendship were completely unimportant, but yet  I remember it.I remember when I drove her home in the pouring rain, because I didn’t want her to ride her bike home and get sick. Memories are much stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced. I wish I just had a little projector in my brain so I could play all the memories like a movie. That would be awesome.

I hope I make more memories with my new friends. I read this quote the other day that fit my life pretty well.

“The Truth is,you don’t lose friends. As life goes on, you just find out who was there for you and who wasn’t.”




2 thoughts on “Memories are Falling From the Sky

  1. dubyapudbya says:

    This has certainly been entertaining – reading the semi-coherent ramblings of a “writer” who has little if any respect for language.

    Cut-and-paste of other people’s quotes does not a writer make.

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