Escaping the Fire

Creating beauty

in the bottom of a riverbed,

is something that flowers

cannot do.

Beyond the slime

and the cloudiness

of the water

I see you,

tangled in the roots

of seaweed.

You have become your own

beautiful creature

as your perfect pale skin

is covered by

such decay

and ugliness.

Your sad blue eyes


creating radiance

as you are surrounded

by the ashes

of the evils

that lurk

in these waters.

You try to escape

but death

has swallowed you,

and freedom

you will never have

I Love the song We are Young by Fun. I love the beginning, the lyrics are awesome! You guys should check it out.

Have a Good Night <3 



2 thoughts on “Escaping the Fire

  1. redplace says:

    A beautiful read! I love your style :)

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