Love for Dinner

I heard the door slam

you stood there

holding the head

of the creature

that was murdered

by your own hands.

I knew it gave you

a thrill

whenever you saw

the small four legged creature

fall so gently

to his death.

You wiped the sweat

that was beginning

to form

on your shiny

bald head

and smiled.

The last thing

on my mind

was proudness.

Spring had just started

when I saw the signs

the signs that

your vision

was being be impaired

by your addiction.

You would walk

out of the house

every morning

with your shot gun

in hand.


on the next kill.

The love you had

for your addiction

was beyond the love

you had for me.

As the ants

made new homes

in our front yard

you crushed them

with your muddy

old shoes.

Killing millions

of more lives

with every step

you took.

As I waited for you

that afternoon

with your shot gun

in hand

I knew I was

no expert

but I knew

it had to be done.

I walked into the kitchen

and patiently watched

as you sliced

and butchered

the venison

the victim

we would

call dinner.

I saw the triumph

in your eyes

as you continued

to beat

and stab

animal like

it was nothing more

than a sport,

a source of food.

I knew this was a risk

missing you head

and hitting

your heart.

A place where I belonged

for such a long time.

But my vision wasn’t impaired

As you pulled the wool

and bullshit

over my eyes

I was evicted

from your heart

I was robbed

of your love.

Now the room was quiet

no pounding

no beating

I watched you lie there

on our white tile floor

the pool of blood

made your head

look like a rock

around a giant river.

I now understand

why you got a thrill

As I watched

the two legged creature

fall slowly

to his death.

I had been thinking about the south lately, well at least the last day. I met an author yesterday, his name was Joseph Samuel Stern. He was a fiction writer from Georgia and he wrote the book Fall Line. 

I really enjoyed his voice. the book ,and  the story of his life in Georgia really inspired me to write this poem. I don’t believe killing animals has a sport would be fun, well atleast for me it wouldn’t be. I’ve never gone hunting before, who knows? Maybe I would like it. 

Maybe I’ll get the chance to go this summer. Who knows? 



One thought on “Love for Dinner

  1. Very well written. It tells a compelling story.

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