I am a Woman and I Have Rights Too.

So Today, I sat in the same chair for 5 hours. Why you may ask? I had to do a paper on the legalization of prostitution. In the beginning of the doing this paper, I enjoyed doing the research because I knew absolutely nothing about prostitution. All I had was a very weak opinion, and a database filled with information that would probably be against my argument. As a sifted through the shit on the databases, I realized that I wasn’t the only one that thought prostitution should be legalized. When I showed my English teacher my proposal, he questioned my profession and humiliated me in front of the class. He rolled his eyes and told me to pick a different topic.

One weekend, I sat in front of my computer for an hour trying to find a new topic. I tried abortion but that was a failure on so many levels. I tried body image and teens, but that wasn’t exactly an argumentative topic (which we were assigned to do). The next week I went back to my teacher and told him “As much as you don’t care about prostitution, I am going to write this paper if you like it or not.” He laughed and approved my topic. I didn’t really care if he didn’t like the topic; he failed me on the first paper because he didn’t like country music. Well, sorry I can’t accommodate you with your interests Dr. Gramer.  Anyway, this paper had to be 10 pages long and let me tell you, I have busted my ass on this paper. I’ve watched a porno (on mute, it makes it less trashy) for research. I’ve read a whole book about sex specifically for this paper. As much I love Charles Bukowski, my first intention to read his book wasn’t exactly for enjoyment, it was for research.

I am not a sex pheen or an addict.  But this strangely, this topic grabbed my interest. In my research, I’ve noticed that pornography is much more invasive than prostitution. While reading endless topics on prostitution, I’ve realized that feminist’s opinions are muddled on this topic. They want a woman to have control of what she does and no man should stand in her way, but what if she wants to get into prostitution? What if she is a crazy sex addict who wants to get paid for sex acts? Who are you to stop her?

I am pro choice for many situations. I think that women and men should have a choice whether or not they want to do something. When it comes to abortion however, that is a different story. As much as I am Pro choice, I understand the views of Pro Life supporters. I understand them completely. I am kind of neutral when it comes to abortion. It depends on the person in my eyes. I think if you are thinking about having an abortion, be prepared to feel the worst grief you possibly will ever feel. According to Feministforlife.org,  Feminist are Pro life. I was surprised with this piece of information. I thought feminist are for women’s rights. Isn’t that a woman’s right?

One of my friends is a feminist. I never really knew what being a feminist all was about, until I had to write this paper.As a woman, I should be a feminist, but strangely I think the views of feminism ( or atleast the way I looked at it) is not what I am. I believe that men unfortunatlh have the upper hand on many occasions. There really isn’t much we can do about it. Society has made it that way. Men make a woman’s life better in my eyes. When I don’t have men in my life, I am very unhappy. I feel unbalance because I don’t have men putting me in my place and keeping me balance. When you are friends with guys, there is no drama, no bull shit, nothing. Well, until you start to like them, thats the shitty part.

But anyway, I am so happy the paper is over. I feel like my teacher will hate it, but honestly finishing it was an accomplishment enough

Good Night All



2 thoughts on “I am a Woman and I Have Rights Too.

  1. What the fuck are you even saying says:

    you are so ignorant, it is not even okay. It’s fine to have opinions, but it’s obvious that you need to EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE GIVING YOUR OPINION. There are many things in this entry that should be addressed but I think the most important is the fact that you used information from one specific pro-life website to blanket all feminists. I go to a “women-only” college (that is apart of a much larger public four year college in New Jersey… that’s right, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY) and this is actually disgusting. THE URL SAYS FEMINISTS FOR LIFE, OBVIOUSLY THEY’RE PRO-LIFE FEMINISTS. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ALL FEMINISTS ARE. In the future, be sure to read more than one or two biased sources of information before forming an opinion, publishing it and poisoning the internet with your ignorant word vomit.

  2. Is this real life? says:


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