A Brave Man Died Today

Every little boy
hold’s their fathers hands
wondering if
they will just be like
their old man.

this little boy
will get stronger
this little boy
becomes a man.

As he waits in the room
with shined shoes
and a tight bow tie
he recalls
the fond memories
of his father
and how everything changed
when one day
he left home
and never came back.

He looks in the mirror
seeing his mother
quietly stepping into the room
“you ready son?”
she asks
waiting for him
at the door.

Red,white, and Blue flags
waved in the cold crisp air
The little boy held his mother’s hand
as they walked slowly towards the men
in black suits.
His mother wore a veil of black
so her internal tears
wouldn’t be visible for the world
to see.

Gun Shots rang
throughout the silent sanctuary,
the final resting place
of the man
the little boy
never wanted to be.

I was wondering what it would be like to have someone in my family in the service. None of my family members are currently in the service now. My grandfather fought in World War II. I honestly believe that I would never ever make it in the army and I commend anyone who has. I don’t think I could risk my life for my country. I don’t think I am that brave. 

For all the fallen soldiers, may you rest in piece.


Lemme know what you think :)

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