The Ultimate Failure

Ashes my Love.

You see its a lot harder

Than I thought

It would be.

Not seeing you

Every hour,minute,second

Of everyday

watching you grow

And learn new things

When a new day comes.

You have slipped into a

Different world

Where I cannot

Hold or touch you.

The human being

I created

Has now slipped

Into the moist dirt

where roots twist

Around your limbs

As if they are suffocating

Your spirit

And keeping you

Away from me.

I’d rather escape this

Wicked world

Where the flowers die

Whenever I touch them

Then to never see you


The world isn’t fair .

You should of watched me die

Instead I am sitting in

A pool of your blood

With your limp body

In my arms.

Nothing will ever change

The fact

That as your mother

I failed

Because I am still here

And you are no longer.

…. It’s one of those nights. 



2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Failure

  1. Prashant Singh says:

    Awesome … Touched me a lot … :)

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