You are a Sinner Too.

I”ll never understand


why things happen when

they do.

Why whenever life is great

its gets plummeted

by grief and surrow.

I am haunted by my mistakes

rediculed for my beliefs.

Why that a nineteen

I was forced to make decisions

I had no right to do.

I understand things happen for a reason

But I think I have proved to you


That I am capable of handling

anything you put infront of me.

But why?

Why you fictional character

you mythical creature


Why do you think you have the power

to force me  to grow and learn?

Why must you give me more



I don’t need a crown of thorns

or nails in my hands

to prove to you

I am worthy of your love

because to be honest,

you are just like everyone else.

You aren’t holier than thou.

You mock at people’s mistakes.

You think you have the power to force people

to pay for their sins.

You are a sinner too God.

You enjoy watching people like me

crumble in the dark moments.

I am strong enough to break free

from your spiritual grasp.

I don’t need you to guide me

when its time to leave this earth.

I don’t need you to hold me

As I exit my body.

God, you are selfish.

Why do you think

you have the right

to tell me I have to go?

Why do you think you can

take the people I love

away from me.

What lesson is there to learn here god?

Can’t you just give me a chance to live?

Haven’t I matured enough to know

I am no longer a child of you?

God, why are you doing this?

I haven’t done anything wrong.

I know I have made bad choices

but this isn’t a way to punish me.

Because right now

not even your holy spirit

is going to help me

get through

this nightmare

you’ve set my life

out to be.

If  God  loves us so much, than why does he make our lives a living hell?



One thought on “You are a Sinner Too.

  1. I really like the way you start with pain and then the poem builds to anger. Very well done.

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