I’m a Cat Dog Lover.

I know you all don’t care about my dog and how cute he is, but I do. He is the simplest thing in my life. When I am writing, I can hear him snoring next to me. when its raining he’s under my bed…

Like this picture

He hides and cries until the rain stops.

He is more like a human than a dog. As you can tell, I am a dog lover. But, there are two cats that I love dearly. I will take pictures of them soon. I wish they were mine, but they are unfortunately not.

I think the next pet I get will be a cat. I had a cat when I was little but he died before I can really remember. His name was Syd. He was a grey and black cat. My mom had him for 14 years and he traveled all over with her. A traveling cat.. what a cool story title.

I love Pets. I think everyone should have one. If I didn’t have a pet I’d be pretty lonely.



Lemme know what you think :)

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