Multi Colored Music Notes.

I really like Ke$ha.

I really love her lyrics, they make me laugh so hard. My favorite line is “Be too sweet and you’ll be a gonner
I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer” I just legit laughed out loud. Like seriously, Really? I can’t even believe that would ever come together and become art. The more I listen to Kesha, the more  I question the music of this genreation.

The genre of rap and party music  is something I really don’t understand. Can’t you just make it into a poem? I guess Dr suess was the first rapper. He should have some bling. A ghetto Dr. Suess.. hahah.

Anyway, Rap isn’t music in my opinion. I think if you are going to be a singer or a musical artist you should able to play and instrument or atleast sing well. Kesha is a poet. Her lyrics make me laugh so hard. I wish she didn’t sing them.

I like country music. Some would say that its all about the same thing. Some would say that everyone who listens to country is a hick, but lately country music has been a popular genre for americans to listen to. Each song has a story, and even though someone of them are about the same thing, they are all different. I’ve been listening to country since I was 13 years old. I went through phases in music, though. I wasn’t as a die hard fan like I am today. For a while I was into punk ( My chemical Romance, Blink 182, The Used, Cobra Starship) then I was into grunge and rock ( Three Days Grace, Streetlight Manifesto, Nickelback), now I went back into country and I love it. Sometimes, I will listen to the other stuff but I believe country music speaks to me personally. What music speaks to you?

Right now, my favorite country stars are Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Eric Church.

I’ve seen 3 out of 4 live. They were all so good. Miranda Lambert was my favorite, then Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. When I saw Miranda, I was going through a rough patch in my life. Her music was there for me. It was there when I was happy or sad. I feel like I know her personally. She is a great person, she helps out so many people and she makes women and girls like me feel better in any situation.

I should live in the south, I feel like I don’t belong in New Jersey.



6 thoughts on “Multi Colored Music Notes.

  1. hahaha! Dr. Seuss was the first rapper! You got that right!

    Don’t you like taylor swift?

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