The Showers of Thoughts

Like for March, I wrote my thoughts everyday for April as well. I wrote it a little different, the quotes or thoughts are spontaneous. It helps me remember what happened on each day, I remember what I have done this way. Not everyday seems like a blur anymore. I am working on it for May..

Warning, some might be a little inappropriate. But no one has an appropriate life.

April 2012

April 2: There’s always light at the end of tunnel.

April 4th: Why must I over analyze everything.

April 5th: Having a stranger put his hand in your vagina and say he can feel your overy is pretty fucking incredible.

April 6th: Love sleeping for 2 hrs and then getting woken up for sex, beautiful.

April 7th: 20$ for 6 Hours of babysitting is like slave labor.

April 9th: As much you like hearing yourself talk, I really don’t give a shit what you have to say.

April 10th: All I can say is that you confuse me.

April 11th: He was a 10 before I found out he smoked Marboro Reds, now he’s more like a 15.5

April 13th: I can’t take it anymore

April 14th: It’s gross to have sex on your period.

April 16th: I can feel another roll comin on.

April 18th : It’s inconvieniant for Brookdale to have white chairs.

April 19th: Everytime I come here, I am reminded of how much of an asshole I am.

April 20th:All  my excitement is ruined by mother nature, thank you so much, asshole.

April 22nd: Food shopping is like a sport to some.

April 28th: People gotta be so caddy.

April 30th: Simple is complex, and complex is shallow.

…… May 1st


Lemme know what you think :)

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