The Finale

You see there’s nothing

I’d rather do

Than sit on our front porch

And watch the present day

Come to an end.

I want to hear

The powerful current

Of the raging blue

Slam against the innocent beige.

I want to feel the humidity

Soak into my bronze skin

as the innocent blue sky

is pierced by colors

only found in my dreams.

I want to hear the crickets

Begin there nightly concert

For no one

But the observant.

I want to look

Into your deep brown eyes

As you stare out in the horizon.

I want to smile

And think how lucky I am

That you enjoy and appreciate

All the beauty around you.

As the sun goes under

The clouds and night

I enjoy the finale

Of the day

And the preview

Of the night.

I watched the sun set today out my bed room window today…. you know summer is coming when you can see your future through the clouds.


Lemme know what you think :)

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