The Moving Population.

I enjoy going to red bank because I see things like   this ^. I wish I had a car like that. This totally proves my point that all cars have emotion and when we are not looking, they talk to eachother… just like the Cars Movies. I don’t really like watching animated films but seriously this car, is probably that really innoying person that never shuts up which reminded me of the movie. The different Headlights of cars all have different types of personalities. Think about your car? My car is defiantly a chick, and it only likes me. It never lets me down and in some ways that car knows more about me than some people do. I think your first car is the most important. Your first car holds the most memories… well atleast mine does. I Love my car for not only bringing me from place to place safe but being the security blanket whenever I get nervous. If I don’t want to be somewhere I can just get in my car and leave. I am not trapped there or having to awkwardly wait for my mom to come pick me up. I enjoy being a driver on the road but driving is a privilege, not a right and people should not take advantage of that right by not being safe. I am not the best driver but I am not putting other people in danger purposely.I am not an idiot like some.

Always be safe on the road… its a scary world out there.



2 thoughts on “The Moving Population.

  1. I think my Nissan secretly makes fun of me, because I sing in the car, and she hates that. Can’t blame her! I love how a painted smiley face spurred your stream of consciousness piece.

    • sarahviveca says:

      Thanks! It was the cutest car ever. My car loves country music apparently. Today all the other stations were staticy but the country music station.. it was so funny.

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