Two Laughing Men.

2 men Laugh

I think how amazing

That I, one person

Joined the two laughing men together.

How my kindness

have helped others

make their time here

much more enjoyable.

I wonder what the two men are laughing at

But I know it isn’t at me

because they are my friends.

I am amazed how the two laughing men

seem to connect

in ways I cannot understand.

You see these two laughing men

have entered my life for a reason

maybe it was to meet eachother

who knows, but

Those two laughing men

are my future

and eventually I will be

1 laughing girl.

I went hiking today with my friends Mike and Sam. It was the first time they had ever met. I thought it was amazing how they became friends really quickly. They are both awesome people. We are going again tomorrow. I really can’t wait.

P.S No Ticks!



One thought on “Two Laughing Men.

  1. What a great story, and a very sweet poem.

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