I will NOT Take a Ride on Your Big Green Tractor.

Why can’t all guys be the same. As much as I am controdicting myself completely I am baffled by the lack of maturity guys have in this generation. Back in the 1770’s, According to Barnabous Collins in the movie Dark Shadows ( which is fabulous by the way, a total recommend)  said “to show love you have to give the girl money and sheep.” I don’t want either money or sheep, but respect would be nice. As a person I believe I deserve respect. You must be thinking ” why does this bitch thinks she deserves that, she’s just like everyone else.” I would think the same thing honestly. But everyone person should get respect. I honestly think I am very nice. I don’t bully people because its fun. I don’t intentionally hurt someones feelings in order for me to feel better about myself. I am not a cocky bitch who is high maitence. I enjoy the simple things in life like having a beer on my porch or laying in bed all day with someone you really love, even though it is a beautiful day outside.

Last night I went and hung out with this guy I really liked, its funny when you meet people you kind of just know it will be a good friendship, and when I met this guy it was exactly that. I laughed with him and we liked the same thing s, it was like I had finally met my dream guy…. but there was a problem, we were with other guys so he acted more comfortable. Last night it was just him and I and let me tell you… he was a completely different person. First, I asked him to hang out and he gave me this shitty “i don’t know maybe answer.” my friend that I was with at the time was kinda put off about it. I didn’t care really… guys are not very enthusiastic texters. But anyway, we meet up at a 711. I was sitting there for about 5 mins before he showed up. I was nervous, obviously. He came up from behind me and scared the shit out of me… first mistake… i hate being scared. Then he talked about how he lost playing poker and I honestly didn’t care. I don’t understand poker…so I had no clue what he was really talking about. So when we walked around red bank and he was going on and on about cars and about how he wants to design them and stuff meanwhile he is smoking a cigar ( yuck) while talking to me. I like cars but I don’t know ALOT about them. He also is an engineer ( you know my love for them… not.) so anyway he started talking about his family life and I was sorta interested because when you meet a guy you wanna know how he is around his family because apparently thats what they is what they are going to be like around you. He told me that he hated his mom ( well that was the impression) and that his father has a domestic violence problem and that he loves little kids. He doesn’t really like his other sister and he can’t wait to leave his house. That was kind of a turn off because I love my family more than love myself half the time. But as he was talking he wouldn’t let me speak, at all.. like whenever I started talking he would cut me off and start talking about something completely different. That really frustrated me… So then I said “ill see you soon..” and he’s like yea I’ll come whenever you hang out with “mike” ( my friend) because he’s so much cooler than you.. I rolled my eyes and got in my car and called the one person that in the end will always be there for me and thats my other friend. He’s been around the block with chicks so he knows. It’s funny how you can go from being so high to being so long so quick…

So that was last night…. I really hate dates, men, and cigars…



Lemme know what you think :)

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