The Deadly Coat.

You were a disappointment.

a fictional image

that was only found in my imagination.

Every time I look at you

I am reminded of how embarassed I am

that we were ever friends

let alone acquaintances.

Your cries ring in my ears

because I have realized your life

is even shittier

than mine

will ever be.

You are surrounded by people

who shake their heads in disapproval

I don’t shake my head

I feel bad

because you have the potential

the beauty

underneath the coat of shit

that covers

your entire body.

With each day

you get uglier and uglier.

People don’t see past the shit

But for a short while

I did.

And underneath your coat

I found nothing more

than a disappointment

but I wasn’t surprised

because shit seeps in quick.


Lemme know what you think :)

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