I’m Defiantly NOT a Fashionista.

Today I have realized I hate today’s fashion a hell of alot more than I hate the people wearing the clothes.Today I was  hanging out with my friend Kaitlyn and we were at the Freehold Mall ( its one of the biggest malls I’ve ever been to) the funniest thing about the mall is that I left empty handed… not because I currently do not have cash but it was the fact that NOTHING is at all pretty. Amazed by the lack of taste these designers have, I continued to rummage through the endless amounts of ugly clothes that were priced ridiculously high and I realized these were the clothes my mother wore in the 70’s and 80’s. I could get these hideous clothes if I really wanted them for free in my attic. These people think that this is style? I simply don’t understand.

For example, there are things called Beudos ( half bras) and you can wear them underneath a see through shirt so your tits won’t show. Why don’t you just either wear a full tank top or not purchase a see through shirt. When is a see through shirt ever appropriate in the first place? You can never wear it to work. You’d look like a whore if you’d wear it to school. Is everything club wear or strictly for prostitutes and strippers?

The last piece of  clothing I purchased was at costco. COSTCO has better clothes then Macy’s. There is something wrong with this picture. My question is, why do they have to make these ugly clothes so expensive. It doesn’t take millions of dollers to make one shirt. But yet they change 32.99 for a shirt thats not even sewn and short?

If I was a fashion designer I would never make ugly clothes. I would make clothes for comfort and probably the majority of my line would be black. Apparently black makes you look thinner..Thats 75% of my wardrobe.I wear clothes that are comfortable. I’m not out to impress guys so they can look at my tits. I am out to be comfortable because you can’t be in public naked. There are  certain things you shouldn’t make with a patterns or floral. Like Jeans… who in their right mind would ever wear floral jeans. But FOREVER 21 has like 23,000 pairs of them and their flying off the shelves. I would make my clothes workable for everyone woman. The majority of the population are obese but they are still making the clothes for the anorexic and we stupid obese women want to squeezed our fat asses into tight jeans and short shirts.

Muffin Top is so last season. People should look their best in clothes. I try to look as thin as I can in clothes. At times my clothes are too big and yet I wear them anyway… Its all about comfort. Why bother buying a 65$ pair of pants if you can’t sit down in them? Solid colors should go back in style, more women can wear them.

I don’t think I will going to the mall for a while because I don’t want to waste my time. Until the style changes, I will be wearing last seasons clothes  and I don’t care.

Be yourself. Don’t follow trends. It’s like Drugs.



One thought on “I’m Defiantly NOT a Fashionista.

  1. Maya says:

    You clearly have no sense in style if you’re stating how “unstylish patterns” are; you’ve no knowledge of the fashion world, nor do you seem to ever be moving up in it.

    Also, PLEASE do my eyes a favor, and this goes for ALL of your awfully written posts:
    1) Check your grammatical errors: including punctuation, spelling, and placement.
    2) Stop being so stubborn, as a writer you should be willing to hear out what others have to say- critiques or not! Be open minded, or your writing will never be considered, nor taken seriously.
    3) Stop contradicting yourself. You’re only making a fool of yourself by not sticking to your points.

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