Looking Through The Peephole.

You are behind a closed door.

It’s unlocked.

I can feel the knob turning in my hands

But I stop it.

I don’t want you see

The face of regret.

You look through the small hole

I hide my face.

You don’t have the privilege

To watch me die internally.

I stain your door with tears

As I mark it with a heart.

I sit on the porch

And let the cries echo

Throughout the silent town.

The booming of church bells

Create an ambiance

That only bells can make.

Your prized kill lays there waiting

To be mounted on the wall.

Please don’t mount me.

You don’t usually show off

the biggest mistake

Of your life.

I’ve been thinking about mistakes in my life. The things I’ve done in my short 19 years of life. I’ve made many mistakes. I already have countless regrets and I haven’t really been in real world yet.I hope things will get easier…. but I doubt they will. 


Lemme know what you think :)

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