My Worst Field Trip.

Today I went on a field trip to go horse back riding in the Poconos. I had a really good time. I’ve only rode a horse once before so it was a really cool experience.

I hadn’t been on a field trip since AWP, but before that I hadn’t been on a class trip since High School. Most of the places we went were really fun. I started think about the worst class trip I’d ever been on, it wasn’t terrible terrible… it was just comical because for the first time, I wasn’t getting in trouble.

I was in the 7th grade and my science class and I took a trip to Newark Airport. My dad back then, loved being a chaperone. It didn’t bother me really because my dad is pretty cool and he was up to do anything. My mom can’t get off of her job as easily as my dad can so at that time, my dad was all for going on the trips with me and my class.

When you are 13, you think your the  shit. I know for a fact I did. With about six 13 year old girls and about ten 13 year old boys, we were hard to manage. With about 3 other chaperones that weren’t men mind you on this trip, its as if the kids were going to control the situation and the trip. When I was that age I remember not acting too terrible but I remember I had a serve attitude problem.( It comes back from time to time) When we arrived at the airport, the leader of our group gave us these containers we could put our money in so it wouldn’t get wet ( like those things at the water park)

As we waited around the leader to get started, some of boys started to hit eachother with the plastic containers. I sat on the gravel ground patiently waiting, I wasn’t particularly happy that we were waiting so long, but there was nothing I could do. I looked over at the boys smacking eachother in the face with the plastic container and I wondered how long my father was going to put up with it. I saw one of the people who work at the Airport come up to my Dad and point to the kids. I rolled my eyes, I knew what was coming.

My father doesn’t know how control his anger from time to time. He walked up to the boys and yanked the containers out of their hands and started to scream in their faces. I ran up to him and told him to stop because he was embarrassing me. I knew I was going to get taunted about my dad being stupid and high strong. I rolled my eyes and sat next to one of the other chaperones that couldn’t help him, because well she was too lazy. For the remainder of the trip, I kept my distance because my father was still upset and if I backed him up I would of gotten made fun of  more.

After the trip was over, my dad was called into the principles office like a child. The other chaperones told on my dad and told the principle he was harrassing the kid. He was just   yelling at them, just like he’d yell at me. When he yelled at me at home I wasn’t embarrassed because I was in my house and i didn’t care what my asshole neighbors thought. My school on the other hand, was something important to me. I didn’t want to have make it more stressful and dramatic than I already made it for myself.

As my father got reprimanded by the principle, My father gave it back, just like I did throughout my 3 hell like years at Thorne Middle School. My principle realized where I got my attitude from, my family and I didnt take shit.Even though it was one of the worst trips ever, I realized that day that my family and I are the same.  Neither My mom or Dad take shit from anyone. We are strong willed people with a short temper. But unlike them, I am a grudge holder and very stubborn. If don’t want to do something I will tell you and I won’t do it.

Other Trips like today were better. My principle was an asshole who didn’t know how to manage 400 middle schoolers…My dad should have been principle. Shit wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t have been bullied as often, but I guess bullying makes you stronger I guess.

I’m so Happy I am not 13 anymore.



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