Hiding Behind a Mask of Happiness.

So today I have been reading the many comments I have gotten on one particular post and I am shocked and amazed how angry people are.

People should be happy they are alive. Today I was visiting one of my friends and her mom is sick. As I was talking to her mom, I realized that if that was my mom, I wouldn’t be as strong as my friend is. As we were driving to go on our many adventures we had this weekend, I looked at my friend who is always smiling, always trying to make me happy, always in a good mood and thought how I wish I could be that optimistic all the time.

Earlier this week my friend Joe ( who I’ve known since I was practically born) got diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs  disease.I don’t understand why all the nice people have to die so young and so cruelly. It boggles my mind. My friend Joe is one of the nicest men I have ever met in my life. He has SO many friends, and so many people love him. I know I do.

This entire last week, my church had its annual carnival. I have been working the fair since I was really little. The sense of community only comes out during fair season. Everyone knows everyone when we all come to the fair. When I heard the news that my friend Joe ( who works with me at the fair) was very sick, I was very upset.

He asked me to take over his part of the fair next year. For the entire week, it sat on my head. I honestly didn’t want to take his job but he told me that I am the perfect person to do the job. I love Joe and I wouldn’t want him to not be there.I’ve decided that in honor of Joe, I would do it. I will make him proud.

People should be happy they are alive, they can wake up one morning and their whole life could just change.I’ve had that happened to me. I’m happy I got through the shit I have gone through.. and with only a few bruises and scars.

nice people shouldn’t have to suffer and be in pain… its just unfair.

Keep my friend Joe and my Friend’s mom in your prayers… they are both wonderful people, they shouldn’t have to suffer.



Lemme know what you think :)

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