It’s all in the Cheekz.



During the Memorial day weekend,I went to the beach with my friend Alexis. I’ve known Alexis since we were both really little. We were both in church choir. With her being two years younger than me, I didn’t really hang out with her as a kid, but yet we have always have crossed the same paths. Our parents talked to each other, I knew her mom, but yet we never talked. As the years went on, I would see her from time to time at church. She was always that little girl that alter served. She sang in the choir, alter served, her parents were Eucharistic Ministers and her and her family were really involved in the church.

As a senior in High School, I met this girl. Her name was Alyssa. She had a friend, her name was Alexis. When we hung out for the first time, it was funny because I knew her already. We just never talked. We would talk about the things we did when we were little, it was cool what she thought of me when she was little and what I thought of her when we were little.

As things happened with Alyssa, Alexis and I got closer. She knows I am a good person, because I was never bitchy when I was little and I never hated her, we just never talked. Alexis is now the only girl I really hang out with. Our friendship is simple. She makes me laugh all the time. She will always have my back. Her parents love me because they know where I came from, and who raised me.

Alexis is a type of girl who will be straight with you, shes real. She’s crazy and wild but she is not fake. With only being 16, she has expereince alot in only her little life. I give her credit because there are things she has gone through that I know I couldn’t do.

After Alyssa, I told myself I wouldn’t want another best friend, but it accidently happened that Alexis is now my best friend. She is pure, and real. She is just like me. We rose above the white trash we live around. Thats why we are friends.

Luv ya Cheekiez



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