The Beautiful Blank Wall.

Two girls look at a blank wall.

I honestly don’t know what they are looking at

But I know it must be beautiful.

The way their oos and ahhs swoon around them

Make it seem like they are making a tornado

With their excitement

But all I see is a blank white wall.

No beauty, just plain.

I walk up to the wall and touch it

Maybe something would change.

Maybe colors would burst out and hit me in the eyes


I am not blinded by color

Just by the beating hot sun.

I look away from the wall and look back

Maybe I’m missing something.

I walk around the wall,

There has to be something on the other side


I see a man walk up to the wall.

He smiles and says

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

I still have no idea what he means.

I look back at the wall

a mixture of unimaginable colors twist and turn

Around each corner each crack of the wall.

The beating sun hits the wall

Creating the radiating glow around me

I immediately feel warm

Like eating soup on a cold night warm

“Yes”. I said. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

I got inspired by these two girls looking at this sign at my school. My friend Andrew said to me that Strangers are the best inspiration… I defiantly agree.



Lemme know what you think :)

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