Home is Where the Rainbows End.

Today as I was driving home, I saw  a rainbow. In New Jersey, you hardly see rainbows so this rainbow sighting was pretty cool. For some reason, when I see rainbows, I always go back to my childhood. When I was really little, my mom used to yell from outside the house whenever a rainbow would show up. I would run out and together her and I would look up and watch the rainbow until it faded. We both thought they were beautiful. I remember I used to wonder why I could only see a few colors and not the whole rainbow. The rainbows I saw growing up used to fade quickly, but today I drove through the rainbow, I thought that was really cool. It looked like an arch over my town. I felt like I was finally home, because once I got to my town, the rainbow had faded. I still managed to take few pictures while driving because I couldn’t waste that incredible,pure,childlike moment. 

Have a Good Night. 



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