Dating Rules: We aren’t living in the 1950’s.

After reading this ^ article, I have offically declared myself half dude. In my small nineteen years, 6 short years of it was in the dating scene. The dating scene in NOT fun at all. If you like being picked at from  under a mircoscope, the dating world is for you, but if you are like me who prefer to not be examined in and out, then the dating world is NOT for you. I am not one of those classy chicks, I guess one would call me trashy because I curse infront of my guy friends, I even curse infront of guys I am interested in. I am not going be a fake person just because I like you. Besides these Rules that are in the article, I am going to add a few more to the list.

6. Date Someone Around Your Age.: Men mature  much slower than women do. A man could be 30 and act like he is 17,18. But a woman who is 19,20 years old can act like she is 25 and it somehow it evens it all out.Men are really annoying no matter what age,but college guys are more annoying than High School boys. If you are in college and love a high schooler, it shouldn’t be frown upon. Having it be “socially accepted” is a bunch of bullshit. I think if you love someone they can be any age, any color, any size, any gender. It shouldn’t matter.

7.You Have to Bring the Guy Home: Absolutely not. When my mom was a teenager, her father would drag the guys out of the house and embarass the shit out of my mom. If they aren’t REALLY serious, and a just a “one and done” there shouldn’t be a reason that you should bring them home. I don’t think my father would drag a guy out of my house was long as they weren’t hurting me. My Dad lives in a house full of women, I think he likes the diversity, when it comes on rare occasions.

8. Wait for the Guy  to Ask You Out: In all my times of dating, I have NEVER been asked out. I have always made the first move because guys in New Jersey are little girls who are afraid of the ALMIGHTY WOMEN! We want the same you do, but girls like me, aren’t afraid to just say it. Maybe it’s an only child thing, I’ve just told my mom what I wanted. I sometimes didn’t get it, but I wasn’t afraid to tell her what I wanted. I am not afraid of guys. Guys are like chicks but their reproductive system is on the outside and they don’t get their period ( even though I know many  guys who PMS worse than me)

9.Don’t Kiss on the First Date: My mom always told me. ” Don’t ever kiss on the first date” Every first date  I’ve ever been on, I’ve always kissed them. It wasn’t like a tonsil hockey kiss, but there was always a peck or more romantic thing. You have to test them, if they aren’t a good kisser (I’ve had quiet a few of those)  than they aren’t getting a call back. Everyone has tests. My friend has a Roller Derby Date Test, but I keep mine simple. If you hate your mother, want to have sex with me the minuete after we start hanging out, and you are a terrible kisser than  you will probably never hear from me again.. and maybe if your a red head too ( don’t be offended gingers, I am just jealous of your beauty)

10.Play the Game: Fuck the Game. The Relationship Game, and having rules is a junch of bullshit. Be straightfoward because you are NOT going to get anything you want if you aren’t. If you don’t wanna have sex with them SAY NO… if  he or she is a decent human being, they will understand your wishes and respect them kindly. If you like someone just tell them, waiting around for them to figure out that you like them is the slowest most torturest process in the world. If you like someone, tell them. What is the least they are going to say “sorry I don’t like you like that, lets be friends instead” or ” your creepy” If someone calls you creepy for being straight forward, tell them that they aren’t going to get anywhere by playing childish games. It got old in 2007.

I hang out with ALOT of guys. I do this I am guessing because girls are all about the game. I am not into it. I think like this because its better to be brave and a risk taker. Then a coward and a chicken.

Everyone should read thoughtcatalog DAILY! ITS SO GREAT!!



2 thoughts on “Dating Rules: We aren’t living in the 1950’s.

  1. Lol you have a long ways to go sweetness. Everyone plays the game, it’s mandatory so learn how while your young. Secondly great job on asking guys out, knowing what you want an going after it. Since you have yet to hit the alcohol age there’s really not much competition. As soon as you discover that adults are harder to find an mostly come from work or random encounters at the bar, you will realize your luck at being young. As far as maturity, that’s not measured by gender or the way a person acts. It’s about taking care of business. Women like to think that they are mature, but get them together an they play like kids. Lastly you are not half guy, you will never be one of the boys. There is more than likely some guy that wants to get with you. Hanging with guys validate you an that’s why you enjoy it. An good luck with the game.

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