We look down at your grave

The flowers are already dead

I question your actions

your vindictive humor

I see your silhouette behind the tress

You seem uglier than I remember

Your tattered T-shirt and jeans

You are looking out at the horizon

Hoping, wishing, dreaming

Of the something you will never have

You exhale smoke

As it flouts up into the stale air

I hear your mother crying

But I don’t think you care

You turn to me and grin

Your eyes are solid

Like the stone you lay under

Rain begins to pour

You look up at the clouds

You’ve caused this

And the world will never see

Light again.

Inspired by this band I’ve just heard of called “The Sick Puppies” I only like the song Pitiful. 

Nothing Like a little Emo shit to start the weekend off right…haha!



Lemme know what you think :)

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