On the Outside Looking in.

The other day I took a ride to  Princeton  with my friend Alexis. It was an adventure to say the very least… I was expecting to see like Big flags for Princeton University because it is a really known university. But I was welcomed to this

I was expecting a little more enthusiasm. But Princeton isn’t a party school, it is strictly for academics. I respect that because college isn’t all about the party scene. It’s about getting your work done and working the hardest you can to get good grades.

They also had some really cool statues and stuff. Since I was driving I didn’t take many pictures.. I didn’t want to get into an accident.

I wasn’t overly impressed with Princeton, but I felt really smart. I hope one day I could actually sit and see a classroom in Princeton. I am still in awh of the school, even if it’s not that pretty.

and To all the Princeton Students, I am more impressed with your intelligence  then the school itself.

Happy Monday…



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