The Wall of Ego.

I’ve  heard every love song

Read every love poem

And still haven’t grasp the fact that

None of this is ever a reality

The true reality is

Men watch sports and pornography

And that’s pretty much it.

I’ve never met a guy who

Talked about girls with his friends

Maybe I’m meeting the wrong guys

Or maybe the only guys that don’t appreciate their women

Are the immature assholes

I somehow gravitate to.

I don’t understand the attraction

Maybe it’s the love for the WWE

Or how they have bobblehead dolls in their china closet

Because they had nowhere else to put them

Or how they eat ramen

Instead of learning how to cook an actual meal.

Maybe it’s the fact I can be the teacher

Help them grow into a better human

Show them that being an asshole

Will not take them anywhere in life

Or maybe its that I’m just a sucker

For dimples and Mohawks

If only the assholes could see

That being nice

Will get you more girls

But I know

Because of their ego

They’ll never learn

and that’s a damn shame.



After listening to hours and hours of Leanne Rimes, I’ve realized that no guys are like the guys in these songs… 

I’m in one of those “I hate men because they exist” moods.



3 thoughts on “The Wall of Ego.

  1. Anna says:

    Even the “nice” ones are jerky sometimes.


    But mostly they’re all jerky. Lol

  2. sirrah says:

    I sincerely hope this mood passes,for in the meantime you just may overlook a gem.
    Eyes,look into them,like a mirror.See yourself.

  3. Gabriel says:

    And there are a few of us that are there trying to help you, listen to your problem without wanting anything back, and instead of realizing we want what is best for you, you either friend zone them, assume they are gay, or say they aren’t your type. Just a heads up: Guys aren’t the only ones with walls of ego. If you need the dimples and Mohawk, there are some people who have those who aren’t dicks.

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