Love at the Golden Arches

I’ve never understood why

The middle finger was such an insult

And then I became a driver

I also don’t understand why you had to cut me off

From the left lane

And beeline to the nearest McDonalds.

Do you realize how fat you looked?

You should have seen your face

When you got out of your car

And threw your middle finger in my direction

You should only know

That your muffin top was peaking out

From under your belly shirt

That was stained with God knows what.

I continued to drive away through the green light

Like it’s another checkpoint

In the car racing game

Usually found in arcades.

I think of you, that grimy woman

Ordering a 20 piece chicken nugget

And a medium fry.

I wonder if you ate a salad you would be happier

You would able fit behind the steering wheel

Of your 1978 Lincoln towncar.

But looking at your crusty bent middle finger

Pointed in my direction

I see there is more than just your weight

That clouds your happiness

But I hope one day

You find happiness

Even  if it’s between two hamburger buns,

At least it’s somewhere

True story bro…. hope it made you giggle. 



One thought on “Love at the Golden Arches

  1. Bianca says:

    I love how blunt this is, no holding back. It sure made me laugh. Thanks for sharing :)

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