I’ll Drink to That.

Since going to College, I have realized that drinking parties and shit like that aren’t really my style. In high school I went to one party and the cops were called and everything was horrible and I had to hide in a closet and I was crying because my best friend at the time ran and I didn’t know if she was alive or dead. It was a terrible time for me and I had never really been to a “house party” like that again. When going to that party, I was 17 years old.. I had drank before and I knew how to drink socially but the kids I was drinking ( illegally) with were like 15,16 and they were like getting black out drunk and making out with each other.. it was really gross. I am not going to lie and say I’d never gone wild while partying but drinking with kids is really scary because you don’t know  what will happen. There are so many deaths of teenagers because of drinking parties and things. The National Center for Health Statistics found in in 2005 that about 157 people ages 18-23 died from alcohol poisoning between the years of 1999 and 2004.Even though this ins’t an up to date statistic, it’s unbelievable of how many deaths alcohol  poisoning can take. When I was at that party when the cops came, one kid was foaming at the mouth because he had alcohol posioning. I didn’t see it but my friend did. He didn’t go to the hospital but he should have.

As hypocritical as I am sounding, I think its smart that kids wait till they are 21 to drink. But I also see the other side too. If you are 18 and you drink with your mom or drink with your friends when someone who is older like a parent is there  is okay because they can see what happens. You won’t have to worry about throwing up and dying. I feel like kids who go to these drinking parties where there are no parents present is extremely dangerous because what if something happens. Like these phrat parties and things. I’ve never been to one before but I think I would be afriad because I would be afriad of whatever’s in my drink. If I am making my own drink in the company of my own house, I know noone is putting roofies in my drink.

The majority of my friends are straight edge and I think thats kinda cool because I’ve only hung out with one straight edge kid and she was the  only one surrounded by partiers. I have some friends who go to parties every weekend and drink in the woods but that isn’t me. I’d much rather feel safe if I am consuming alcohol. My straight edge friends are going to have a better experience when they turn 21 than I will. Some of my friends will probably never drink and thats okay too :)

Going to the bar is something that you can do to hang out. Something to entertain yourself on a friday night. But you can always go to a bar and get a lemonade no ice and have just as much fun. I kinda just can’t wait to be able to buy a 6 pack of corona on really hot day. There are days where I just want to go home and chill outside and have a beer. I can’t wait till I will able to just do that.

I’m being influenced in the right way yaya! :)



3 thoughts on “I’ll Drink to That.

  1. Gabriel says:

    A little trite, but not the worst first post, but are you aware you sound like a 12 year old Cat Girl?

  2. sarahviveca says:

    I am not a cat and I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

  3. Katherine says:

    Well I think it’s great the you are smart about watching what ppl are putting in drinks at a party, great post I hope other ppl read and think about it the next time they are out drinking in the woods with no one there to help them if they get sick

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