For the Girls

Throughout my life, I have had many best friends. I always thought that I needed just one. I didn’t want my secrets to be spread around the world if I had more than one. When I was younger I always had two best friends and it didn’t work because either one would shit on me or the two would go against me. I am not whining in saying this, but in life, thats what happens. Girls espically. I don’t know how girls can get along with each other. I don’t know how I can get along with some girls honestly.

After graduating high school, and after everything with the last best friend I had, I decided that I was not cut out to have a best friend. Putting so much pressure on one or two people isn’t healthy for them or me. I think people get scared because they don’t want to have that much pressure, that much responsibility that being a best friend contains.

Today now, I have a few very close friends. I wouldn’t consider them my best friend because I don’t want to be hurt again, and just the title “BEST FRIEND” scares people. Having best friends reminds me of elementary school where you had one little girl you were friends with that you had snack with and played at recess with. Back than, that was what a best friend did. Now, a best friend has to hold your hair when you have too much to drink, helps you go shopping for wedding dresses, be in the “designated driver pool”, be listed as your sister on facebook, and listen to you bitch even when their lives are much shittier than yours. Best friends do alot of shit that is completely unnecessary and if a best friend doesn’t do those things, girls freak out. They talk shit about them behind your back or have an affair with your husband. 

Girls are bitches, but like anything, we need them in our lives. As a girl I can understand them, at times.Girls use their hearts instead of their heads. I know I certainly do. Emotions cloud my judgment all the time. As nice as some girls are, they can flip over to the opposite side of the coin and become fire breathing bitches. 

I have a few girl friends and I appreciate them because they bring out  the girl side of me. They see that I have a heart and I don’t have to be so hard and flat. When I am around my guy friends its different. I have to act different. I can’t talk about nailpolish and clothes, but when I am with my friends that are girls, its easy to do that. 

My advise is to have an even friend  ratio of guys to girls. I don’t have that but maybe one day I will. 



2 thoughts on “For the Girls

  1. Katherine says:

    Smart but girlie you will always have me…………to bitch with

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