Blue like the color of the sky

The day we first met

Clouds did not enter on that sunny day

Blue like the shirt you wore

On our first date

How it made your brown eyes seem darker

More mysterious in a way

Blue like the river

On that warm June evening

You slightly slipped your hand

Around my waist

And for the first time

I was calm

Calm like the ocean blue

Off the coast of California

How you long to be there

To feel the warm breeze

Through your hair

Blue like my heart

Whenever you’re not around

Blue like rain

That drenched us to the bone

When we kissed between lightening strikes

On that dreaded night

Blue how I never feel

Whenever I am in your arms

Because blue is just a color

And I’m a rainbow

When you’re around.

I can be cute sometimes….

Happy Independence Day America!!! USA USA!


Lemme know what you think :)

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