Journey Down the Delaware.

So yesterday for the 4th of July, my cousin, her friend,her boyfriend and I went tubing down the Delaware River. I have never gone before so I was really excited to go.

I am a pretty adventurous girl so going down a river in a tube sounded like an awesome idea. I’ve been in lakes and ponds before upstate, but never in the Delaware River. I’ve driven past the Delaware my whole childhood and never had been in it.Sitting in my flaming hot black  tube was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had in a really long time. We had lunch on the tube and everything, all we needed was music, but we’ll bring that next year.

That’s my cousin Joan, her boyfriend and myself hanging out on the tubes. Brian was the rower, he guided us away from the jagged rocks and stuff. 

It was so beautiful and calm. I fell asleep for a little while in my tube and now I have a sunglasses tan line, its scary looking and extremly painful.

I was surprised to see alot of people there. I’ve never even heard of tubing down the Delaware until just this year, but apparently everyone goes atleast once in their lives and its so fun. It really is fun when you are going through the rapids because its like you are on one of those slides at a waterpark. The bottom of the river was really slimely and rocky but it was awesome. I was surprised how shallow the water was.

My cousin Joan and her friends are really awesome and she invites me to go to awesome things with her and her friends. They are just really cool opportunities, and I appreciate and glad she invites me :)

Thanks Joan!


P.S All Credit for the Pictures goes to Kelly Riley.. I wouldn’t have any pictures if it wasn’t for you!


Lemme know what you think :)

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